Patriots lose to Providence

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MINT HILL, NC – The Independence Patriots varsity football squad made the short trip to Providence High School to face the Panthers in a Southwestern 4A Conference game.  Several turnovers led to points for the Panthers and the Patriots suffered a 44-12 road loss.

In the opening quarter, Providence scored on a 17-yard run, but the play was called back on a holding penalty.  Indy’s defense forced the Panthers into a fourth down on the 28-yard line.  On the fourth-down play, the Panthers attempted a pass that was tipped by one of Indy’s defensive players.  However, the tipped pass was caught by a Panther receiver on the 12-yard line giving Providence a first down with  6:42 showing on the clock.

Indy’s defense kept the Panthers out of the end zone, and the Panthers settled for a field goal to take the lead 3-0 at the 4:31 mark.

Coriawn Griffin and the Indy defense apply pressure to the Providence quarterback.   (Photo by Ron Morris)
Coriawn Griffin and the Indy defense apply pressure to the Providence quarterback. (Photo by Ron Morris)

On the ensuing kickoff, Indy’s Bryson Tisdale returned the kick out to the 42-yard line.  After crossing midfield the Patriots faced fourth and long from the 34-yard line.

On the fourth-down play, Indy’s Cam Kromah dropped back to pass but as his arm came forward the ball was knocked out of his hand.  A Providence played picked up the ball and ran for a Panther touchdown.  The officials ruled that the pass was a fumble, and the touchdown stood.  After missing the extra point, Providence led 9-0 with 1:29 left in the first quarter.

Again, Bryson Tisdale received the kickoff on the 23-yard line.  Tisdale ran to his right and cut upfield.  As he approached the sideline, Indy’s kickoff team made some great blocks, and no one touched Tisdale as he returned the kick 77 yards for a Patriots’ touchdown.  Indy’s extra point attempt was blocked, and Providence led 9-6 with 1:03 left in the first period.

Most of the second quarter was a defensive battle.  At the 6:21 mark left in the first half, Indy had to punt giving the Panthers the ball on their own 33-yard line.  Providence completed a long pass down to Indy’s 25-yard line.  After the play ended, the Panther receiver held the ball in the face of the Indy defender while talking trash to the defender.  The sideline official threw the flag calling an un-sportsman-like penalty on the Panthers which moved the ball back to the 48-yard line with 4:48 left in the half.  However, the Panthers moved back to the 22-yard line.  After moving to the 16-yard line, the Providence offense attempted a pass into the end zone but Indy’s defense knocked the ball down.  With 3:21 left in the half, Providence completed a pass in the end zone to make the score 16-6.

Cam Kromah on a quarterback keeper.  (Photo by Ron Morris)
Cam Kromah on a quarterback keeper. (Photo by Ron Morris)

After Providence’s short kick, Indy had the ball at midfield but was called for holding on the 28-yard line.  Indy’s pass to midfield was picked off and returned to the Patriots’ 45-yard line. Indy’s Khalil Morrison and Khalil Hoke each got a sack moving Providence back to the 44-yard line where the Panthers punted.

Indy could not move the ball and had to punt with 0:45 showing on the clock.  With 24 seconds left in the half, Providence ran a half-back pass. Indy’s defense fell for the play, and the touchdown pass made the score 23-6.   After Providence’s kickoff,  Indy had the ball on the 45-yard line with 17 seconds to go in the half.  Indy took a knee to end the half trailing 23-6.

Starting the second half Providence once again kicked the ball short, and the Patriots started on the 45-yard line.  Indy moved down to the 32-yard line but failed to pick up the first down allowing Providence to take over on downs.

On the Panthers’ first play, Indy’s Khalil Hoke sacked the quarterback for a four-yard loss. However, Providence ran a crossing pattern on the next play for a 67-yard touchdown pass to make the score  30-6 with 7:52 left in the third quarter.

It was apparent that the Panthers were not going to kick the ball long.  Once again the kickoff was a short squabble, and Indy had the ball on its own 42-yard line.  And once again, the Panther’s defense forced Indy to punt with 7:00 left in the third quarter.

After Indy’s punt, Providence started at its own 35-yard line.  Indy held the Panthers to a fourth and six at the 39-yard line with 5:23 showing on the clock.  Providence lined up in punt formation.  They faked the punt, but this time Indy’s Moshay Saw and other defensive players were not fooled and they were all over the punter.  The defense forced a fumble that Indy recovered on their own 20-yard line with 5:12 left in the third period.

Indy’s head coach McFadden sent freshman quarterback Justin Little into the game and is sacked as he dropped back to pass. However, Indy moved the ball down the field.  The Patriots faced a fourth and long on its own 26-yard line.  Trailing 30-6, the Patriots had to go for the first down.  Little was forced out of bounds short of the first down, and Providence took over on the Indy 25 yard line.

After moving the ball to the 45-yard line, Providence connected for a 55-yard touchdown pass making the score 37-6 with 1;30 left in the quarter.

On the ensuing kickoff, Indy was penalized for moving the ball back to the ten-yard line.  Indy attempted a pass that was picked off on Indy’s 35-yard line and returned to the 22-yard line.  A penalty on the Patriots moved the ball to Indy’s ten-yard line with 0:38 left in the period. On Providence’s first play the Panthers went for the score but the receiver was out of bounds at the back of the end zone.  On the next play, the Panthers ran off tackle for the touchdown making the score 44-6 with 0:31 showing on the game clock. At the start of the fourth quarter with Little is still in at quarterback, Indy started at its own 35-yard line after Providence’s kickoff was out of bounds.

Providence picked off another Indy pass at the 27-yard line.  Indy held and forced the Panthers to punt from the 16-yard line.  The punt rolled dead at the 50-yard line.  With 8:51 left in the game, Indy started this series of downs with Cam Kromah back in at quarterback.    With 5:45 left Kromah moved the ball to the 14-yard line on a quarterback keeper.  Indy failed to pick up the first down, and Providence took over on their own 15-yard line with 4:00 left to play.

Indy held and forced Providence to punt with 1:43 left in the game.

The Patriots started on the 35-yard line after Joe Moraglia returned the punt from the 50-yard line with 1:21 to go.  Amari Hakeem ran to the 18-yard line with 0:57 left in the game.  With 0:19 left, Cam Kromah ran for a 15-yard touchdown to make the score.  Indy missed the extra point and the game ended with Providence on top 44-12.

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