Novant Health Mint Hill Medical Center achieves milestone

Front entrance of the Novant Health Mint Hill Medical Center.
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Joy Greear, President & COO at Novant Health Mint Hill Medical Center.

The Novant Mint Hill Medical Center is approaching an historic milestone by celebrating their first year anniversary this month on October 1st.

Prior to the actual anniversary celebration we wanted to visit with Joy Greear, President and Chief Operating Officer at the new medical center located at 8201 Healthcare Loop, on Albemarle Road near I/485 which borders Mint Hill.

We asked some very straight forward questions of the executive whose leadership has made a positive impact upon the Town of Mint Hill.

Question 1. What would you say were your most important accomplishments during the first year of operation? 

Greear: What we are most proud of was to be able to serve the residents of Mint Hill. To provide excellent healthcare to the community in various ways. The feedback from patients who have come to the Medical Center for services has overwhelmingly been a very positive experience.

We have a great diverse group of team members and professionals. We created a culture where the hospital staff and environment are caring while providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the patient and family members.

Question 2. What was your biggest challenge? 

Greear: Our biggest challenge was to be fully staffed to keep up with the volume and demand of patient care. Especially in our emergency department were we had over 20,000 visits during our first year of operation. We did an outstanding job in serving all these patients with the care they required in an efficient and caring manner.

Question 3. What is your vision for growth at the medical center? Also, the potential of expanding additional healthcare services in Mint Hill? 

Greear: To accomplish our overall vision to deliver the most remarkable patient experience, in every dimension, every time. We have identified many areas where we are investing to provide the most modern and latest technology available in healthcare today and in the future. This includes adding a “Da Vinci robotic assisted surgical system” in the operating room to assist surgeons in the use of instrumentation to magnify the body and become more precise than ever before in performing certain surgical procedures. Introduced in 1999, and improved over the years on over 6 million procedures the system may provide more successful outcomes, and produce fewer complications.

Other areas for growth include “stroke certification” when time is the most important factor for a good outcome, outpatient services, we have plans for expansion to build another wing to meet the expected future demand at the facility. We want to have a Cath lab, which provides diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart. It assists in the treatment of any stenosis or abnormality found. Finally, we want to expand service to the community in women’s health services, pediatrics, urgent care, and increase specialists in spine healthcare services.

Regarding additional medical services in Mint Hill, we are committed to expand whenever the need arises to meet the demand. Novant Health, recently opened a family medicine and OB/GYN office conveniently located in the downtown area. The current model we have established in Harrisburg, North Carolina may become what is eventually used in Mint Hill.

Question 4. Regarding the quality care provided, how would you rate it, and do you have the metrics to prove it?

Greear: We believe our care provided to our patients has been excellent. We pride ourselves in giving each patient the best medical care possible. We would give this medical facility very high marks in all the important criteria areas used to measure our performance. We have performed over 42,000 imaging procedures, over 330 berths delivered, over 800 surgeries, and as previously mentioned over 20,000 emergency department patients have received quality healthcare. We have 500 employees, 75 volunteers with a waiting list, our staff represents 25 states, and 18 countries. We provide an opportunity for employee advancement which reduces turnover, it also improves the retention of an extremely qualified and dedicated team of professionals at our medical facility.

Question 5. You personally have been very active and supportive of the Mint Hill community. How do you view this involvement impacting the partnership relationship developed between the town and medical center? 

Greear: To have the medical center become part of the local Mint Hill community was a top priority for me. Therefore, we wanted to reach out early and often to meet the residents and get involved in the community in a positive way that would be beneficial to all the parties involved. We became active in the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce, Servant’s Heart, Mint Hill High Schools, Lion’s Club, American Legion, Boy Scouts, Town Hall events, Blessed Assurance, Outdoor learning labs at Clear Creek Elementary, Lebanon Road Elementary, and Queen’s Grant Community School. We plan to continue to support the community, remain socially responsible as an active partner, and make a meaningful contribution to these kind of endeavors.

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