Nominations for the Second Annual Tina Ross Leadership Award Have Begun

Tina Ross
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The Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that nominations for the Second Annual Tina Ross Business Leadership Award are being accepted all throughout the month of October. The award rewards local business owners who reflect the qualities of passion for their work, a sense of civic leadership, tenacity, honesty and a desire to further the well-being of Mint Hill.

The inspiration behind these requirements is Tina Ross, a legend within her Mint Hill community. Until her passing in the summer of 2018, Ross was a tireless advocate for Mint Hill businesses, charities, and families. “Her goal was always to make Mint Hill a thriving community,” shares Chamber of Commerce member, Paige McKinney. “Our hope is that we have many applications that come in to continue highlighting Tina’s legacy.”

Jennifer Manchester, another member of the Chamber of Commerce, says this award values the core of who Tina Ross was. “You could always count on Tina to be authentic. She strived to make Mint Hill the best it could be.” Manchester exclaims. “I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the process that would honor her service to the community. We are proud to recognize business leaders whose service honors her spirit and values.”

Tom Duke, Tina’s husband and member of the award’s review board, agrees. “Tina worked in so many different areas in this community. She encouraged success wherever she could.” Duke continues, “Tina had a gift for seeing what was possible – what could be. This award is a wonderful way to have her spirit live on within the heartbeat of Mint Hill.”

Last year’s recipient, Kim Rhodarmer with Servant’s Heart, says you cannot separate the award from the woman who inspired it. “She embraced every day as the gift it was and wanted to make a difference. Tina understood that businesses reflect who we are as a town and that balance is necessary for a healthy community. For my name to be in the same sentence as her name, let alone written on a plaque, is an honor I treasure.”

Nominations and the completed forms must be submitted by November 1st for consideration. The Tina Ross Leadership Committee will review the nominees and present the award at the Chamber of Commerce meeting November 7th. The winner will also have their name added to the plaque which hangs in the Chamber of Commerce offices. “We want to honor people who have become a permanent part of our community – just like Tina was.” McKinney declares.

Do you know someone you’d like to nominate? Information and application packets are available on the Chamber of Commerce website, Facebook page, or can be requested in person through the office.

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