No Need to Look Far to Finish Your Back-to-School List

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We’re coming upon the time of year kids dread but parents wildly anticipate – the days when the back-to-school commercials begin airing and the countdown to the first day back officially begins. These first few days of August are when we start mentally preparing ourselves to slip once again into the school routine.

As a parent, you have a huge list of things to do. Kids will need school supplies, new clothes, uniforms, shoes, a backpack, and lunchbox (both monogrammed of course) to start the year off right. The good news is that you can cross everything off this list without leaving the Mint Hill area.

For school supplies, you can hit the Dollar Tree (3611 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. and 6906 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd., Ste 12) or Office Depot (10025 E Independence Blvd in Windsor Square Shopping Center). Here you’ll find binders, folders, pencils, notebooks, tissues, paper towels, and all the other items on your school supplies list.

If your children need clothes or uniforms and you don’t want to spend a ton of money on shirts and pants that they’ll grow out of in a nanosecond, you might want to try some of the local consignment stores.

If you feel like you want new items for the kids, you can always drive over to Carolina Place Mall (11025 Carolina Place Parkway) and visit the chain stores that will have back-to-school specials galore going on from now until September. Or you can visit for some really good deals on brand new school uniforms that will be shipped directly to your home.

When you spend a good bit of money on backpacks and lunchboxes, you certainly don’t want your child to lose them. It helps to have his or her initials monogrammed somewhere on these items, especially since so many of them look the same. You can bring your already-purchased backpacks and lunchboxes or purchase new ones at two monogramming shops located in Mint Hill: Oliver’s Originals (11237 Lawyers Rd.) and Monogram Magic (8400 Fairview Rd).

Both locations will monogram previously purchased items but they also have a great supply of other back-to-school needs – the aforementioned backpacks and lunchboxes and also clothing, pencil cases, gym bags, and locker bags. The turnaround time for both businesses is generally three to five business days.

Visit these locations soon to go ahead and knock out your list. That way, you can enjoy those last days of summer guilt and stress-free. In fact, all you’ll have left to do is chuckle as you listen to the groans and complaints coming from your children as the alarm clock rings bright and early on their first day back.

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