Newly remodeled Cut & Company 2 open in Mint Hill Festival

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The newly remodeled and updated Cut & Company 2 is open for business in the Mint Hill Festival shopping plaza.

Cut & Company 2 represents a return to her roots for owner Brenda Cherney.  “Cut & Company is the name of the salon up in Long Island I started at when I was 18 years old,” says Cherney, who has been in North Carolina thirty years now.  “The girl who bought it up there called it a different name. I thought it would be really cool that I could actually bring it back.”

Two and a half years ago, Cherney opened Cut & Company in Mint Hill Festival.  The new Cut & Company 2 is located in the same plaza to the left of Monroe Hardware in the space previously occupied by Hairy Carey.

“I knew Sandy Webb, the previous owner,” says Cherney, “and I had told her if you were ever to retire, please ask me.”  With Cut & Company doing well and Webb ready to retire, the decision to expand and open Cut & Company 2 was a no-brainer.  Cherney took over as owner as of August first of this year and is proud to be keeping the same stylists who previously worked at Hairy Carey.

Those stylists bring an impressive amount of experience to Cut & Company 2.  “Several in there have done more than me,” says Cherney, who will bring her own thirty-seven years of experience to Cut & Company 2 starting on November 19.  “All together, there’s many, many years of experience in the salon.”

Updates and remodeling led to this chic lobby area.

The new space to the left of Monroe Hardware boasts impressive remodels courtesy of Cherney’s boyfriend and business partner John Frame.  The Southwire Cable employee, Midland Fire Department Captain and plumber has spent many weekends in the salon laying floors, remodeling bathrooms, and hanging mirrors and shelves.  The result is a bright and refreshing space ready to welcome old and new clients alike.

The entire salon, formerly Hairy Carey, has been recently renovated.

Cut & Company 2 offers everything you’d expect from a salon – cuts, coloring and highlights, to name a few – but they also offer some specialty services and products you may not find elsewhere in Mint Hill.  Their keratin smoothing treatments eliminate unwanted frizz while adding lustre and shine to hair, and the new product Actiiv helps to promote hair growth.

Cut & Company specializes in smoothing treatments.

Cut & Company 2 is staffed by individual stylists who work for themselves within the salon.  The salon is open Tuesday through Saturday. You can schedule an appointment by calling the salon’s main number (704-573-1001) or getting in touch with your preferred stylist.

Brenda Cherney (owner and stylist) – 704-408-1201

Nancy Brown-704-796-2862

Cassidy Parker-704-288-6610

Wanda Sellers-704-572-1960

Paula Benish-704-608-4852

Sandee Lacy-704-502-0579

Kay Lacy-704-578-4963

Marilyn Whitener-704-578-7990

For a limited time, Cut & Company 2 is offering a free haircut with any color service to new clients.  They also offer gift certificates, a great option for the holidays. Call today to take advantage of these offers, and keep your eyes open for information on their grand opening!

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