New Fresh Chef Location in Mint Hill

Chefs use daily ingredients to stretch their creativity and make new specials each day.
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Good news for all the foodies in Mint Hill! Fresh Chef has just opened their doors in the Idlewild Market Shopping Center.  “We saw a need and we wanted to fill it,” owner Mel Funk states. “Our mission is to bring quality, fresh, Americana food at a more affordable price.”

Location manager, Amy Fowler, agrees. “We are so thrilled to bring healthy fresh food to Mint Hill. We can’t wait for you to come in and try our daily, freshly made lunch and dinner specials.” Funk says what they hope to bring to Mint Hill is a new experience.  “We make our name on a few specific things: a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and fast fresh food.”

To create their atmosphere Fresh Chef keeps their buildings calm and clean.  Hues of dark wood play against bright pops of green. They play light music and keep their seating well-spaced. In the bar they have USB charge ports and power plugs to assist customers who come on their lunch break or who want to host corporate meals in the restaurant.  “When you enter our establishment, we want it to feel like you are receiving a warm welcome and an arm around your shoulders,” Funk shares.

The Fresh Chef often hosts customers for corporate or social functions.

They are also family friendly. “Although we do have the kids’ menu staples of cheeseburgers and quesadillas, we also offer every adult dish in a kid’s size.  That means if you want your kid to enjoy a kale salad or fresh salmon, he or she can. We are one of the few places that offer a variety of healthy options for kids.” Funk says.

Another way Fresh Chef is for families is through their newly offered curbside service.  The fast pace of the modern world can make eating well seem more challenging. Fresh Chef wants to ease the load.  “All a customer has to do is call in the order.  We will walk it out to the car. Parents don’t have to leave their car or eat away from the comfort of their home. We will bring fresh and healthy to you. We are absolutely guest-focused.” Funk explains.

Since Fresh Chef is guest-focused, their friendly service pledge is vital to them.  Their managers have years of experience. Their chefs create different foods and menu items for customers every day.  The wait staff works on a pure teamwork system. “Our philosophy is every table on the floor belongs to every server.  This means, as a customer, everybody cares about what is happening at your table,”  Funk promises. “If you need a drink refilled, a spill cleaned up, or food delivered – you can call on anybody to meet any need.”

The most unique aspect of Fresh Chef is their commitment to fast fresh food. Each location has all of its ingredients delivered fresh. “There are no freezers in our kitchen.  This allows us to maintain quick service for our patrons. At our bar, we make our own fresh sweet and sour mix for our cocktails. This creates an enhanced flavor profile.  For our catering business, we bring the food and cook it fresh at the event.” Funk smiles.  “We are very proud of our product. We only serve the very best meals on our plates.”

Fresh Chef hopes to see lots of Mint Hill residents come through their doors.  Call tonight to make a reservation and experience something fresh and new!  “You will love it all and it will be delivered by the friendliest staff in town,” Fowler promises.

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