New Flag, New Start

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MINT HILL, NC – The 8th grade class of 2020 at Mint Hill Middle has left a positive legacy behind for students, the facility, and the community to see. As you drive past the school, you may have noticed that the flag is new. It was the wonderful Class of 2020 that made this possible. Each year the 8th grade class at Mint Hill Middle has a social at the end of the year to celebrate their time at the middle school along with their moving forward to high school. For the Class of 2020, this was not the case.  Like most events in 2020, due to COVID restrictions, the event could not be held.

Students surrounding flagpole with new flag on display
Teachers surrounding flagpole with a new flag on display. Photo by Mint Hill Middle School

During one of the most difficult times in history for children and education, this class was able to still leave its mark. Even though they could not celebrate in the traditional setting, it was still important to make sure that they left knowing that their class will be known for many years to come. Using the funds that normally would be used for the social event that includes a catered meal and DJ at Pine Lake Country Club, the class was able to give back in a big way.  They used the funds to replace the American flag and add a plaque dedicated to their class. This flag is more than a powerful symbol for our country; in this case, it is a symbol that shows that even though all odds were against them, the students joined together and left a token to be remembered.

Front of Mint Hill Middle School
Photos by Mint Hill Middle School

“The Mint Hill Middle 8th Grade class of 2019-2020 wanted to leave their legacy in a very special way,” said Mary Kelly, 8th Grade Assistant Principal, and Dayna Gerlach, Dean of Students.  “COVID-19 dampened their normal 8th-grade celebrations, so they decided to donate a brand new American Flag and plaque. This will leave their legacy at Mint Hill Middle for many years to come.”

What better way to show support to your school and community than to give back? Congratulations to the Mint Hill Middle School Class of 2019-2020 giving back in a big way.

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