Mr. Appliance–A Commitment to Service

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It’s easy to take convenience for granted.  We hardly think twice about running the dishwasher or throwing in a load of laundry.  When one of our household appliances requires repair, we want it taken care of quickly, correctly, and at a decent price.  That’s where Mr. Appliance steps in.

Bud Stauffer is a retired Naval officer with over 21 years of experience. After a successful career in the corporate world concentrating on electronics manufacturing and repair, Mr. Stauffer was looking at retiring in 2019.  He wanted to find a second career that would utilize his background and also provide him with engaging work. After significant research, Bud Stauffer concluded that opening a franchise for Mr. Appliance was the right choice for him.

Bud Stauffer was impressed by the core values outlined by the Mr. Appliance franchise company.  “Respect all people, act with integrity, and have fun in the process” were values that he could identify with.  His background in electronics was also a key factor in embarking on the journey to open a Mr. Appliance franchise. The majority of today’s appliances are operated by computer components, an area in which Bud Stauffer excels.

Mr. Stuffer’s journey began in January of this year.  After determining his retirement date, he began training to operate a Mr. Appliance franchise and his company went live during the first week of May.  Bud chose Mint Hill because it is a rapidly growing area that still maintains it’s small town charm. He is very involved in his community, is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and participates in local events such as “Mint Hill Madness”.

Mr. Appliance of Central Charlotte offers repairs on appliances both in and out of warranty.  They service most major brands and are available for repairs on everything from garbage disposals to washing machines and even your backyard grill!  Mr. Appliance also services commercial appliances and holds agreements with several area stores to provide delivery and installation of purchased appliances.

All employees undergo extensive training and have a background in electronics and electricity to assure that repairs are performed safely and correctly.  Appointments are handled electronically through their website (phone requests are entered into the website by staff) and are completed with an email to confirm your appointment.  Once the technician is scheduled, the company will send a text, including a photo of the technician, to the customer for easy identification.

Mr. Appliance takes customer service very seriously.  They show the utmost respect for their clients and their client’s property.  Technicians park on the street (not in your driveway), are friendly and courteous and use shoe covers and mats to protect your home during the repair.  Technicians diagnose the problem and then show the customer via iPad the exact repairs that will be needed, including cost, up front. Once the repair is paid in full, the customer is entitled to a one year warranty that includes no additional diagnostic fees for repairs.

Mr.  Appliance of Central Charlotte extends a 10% discount to all active military, veteran, and first responders.  Technicians will also ask, while on site if any other repairs are needed for additional appliances and will run diagnostics at no additional fee.

For Bud Stauffer, the end goal is a satisfied customer.  “I want to create encore experiences. I want customers to share their satisfaction with friends and family.”  At just about two months in business and over a half-dozen 5-star reviews, I’d say he’s well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

Mr. Appliance of Central Charlotte is located at 542 Griffith Road, Charlotte.  For more information or to make an appointment, please visit or call 980-368-3091.

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