Monroe Hardware Traditional Store with a Modern Flair in Mint Hill

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Monroe Hardware has been in business since 1886 by keeping true to the company’s original principle of guaranteeing customer satisfaction.  William Henry Belk, who was one of the founders of Monroe Hardware company, is also the founder of the Belk Department Store chain which today is the largest group of family and management owned department stores in America.  When Henry Belk opened his first store in Monroe, in 1888, he purchased large volumes of goods, sold his merchandise at low mark-ups, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.  At the time this was an innovative idea and these original principles still apply today.  They are the foundation of the business model at both Belk and Monroe Hardware Company.

Power Equipment and Tools.

Throughout the decades, the Belk family has remained in the hardware business.  Today Carl G. Belk, the son of Irwin Belk serves as Chairman of the Board.  Monroe Hardware has grown and expanded from a local area supply resource to a regional distribution company.  It now serves eight states in the Southeast through a large sales force and trucking fleet which is the transportation arm of their distribution network.

Handsome Welcome Bear.

The key to the organizations success has been and continues to be their long term partnerships, a solid base of loyal customers generating repeat business on a regular  basis.  The organization is committed and dedicated to maintaining relationships of integrity, honesty, and fairness with their customer base, associates and vendors.  The company has a sound financial background, has support from a solid board, and dedicated employees who clearly make a difference providing a strong foundation for continued growth.  Carl Belk put it simply, “we offer tradition with a modern touch.”

Fertilizer and Garden Supplies.

Susan Sandall, Retail General Manager for both the original Monroe store and the Mint Hill store has been with the company since 2008.  She is extremely passionate about her work and the business enterprise.  Susan also has a passion for customer service, enjoys working with people, and is a savvy merchandiser.  She invites all consumers in Mint Hill to support their store as her staff is some of the finest, friendliest and knowledgeable staff you will meet who are dedicated to providing their clients with excellent customer satisfaction. Many of their employees have been with the company for decades and some for as long as 45 years.

Monroe Hardware is not like the “big box” hardware stores.  The company is a family owned business, they are community based, independent, provide personalized service options, have a solid reputation, they have a strong belief of honesty and integrity which is unique in today’s business world.  These may sound like old fashion ideals, however, it is simple and most importantly is has been successful for over 120 years.

Animal Feed and Pet Supplies.

The three primary revenue streams in the Mint Hill store include animal feed and pet supplies, power equipment offering STIHL, SCAG and ECHO products, including fertilizer and garden supplies.  The Monroe Store relies upon farming equipment, supplies, and products for the majority of it’s revenue.  Regarding the wholesale distributor business it’s another important revenue producer for the company supplying loyal customers from Maryland to Florida.

As Susan stated “we want to be the place where the customer can find a special item for an important project, also we want to be a store were the consumer can do one stop shopping when it comes to hardware supplies finding a little of everything with a personal touch.”

So if you are driving through the town of Mint Hill stop by at Monroe Hardware shop around if you have not already done so, we think you will be pleasantly surprised while having a positive experience.

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