MOMS Club of Mint Hill Treat Trail

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The MOMS Club of Mint Hill met at Veterans Park on Thursday, October 24 for their annual “Treat Trail.”
Moms filled plastic pumpkins with candy and toys for the kids to “trick or treat” from.
Since most families have individual plans for Halloween night, the Treat Trail is a way for MOMS Club friends to enjoy Halloween together.
Olaf and a Lion search through their spoils in the sunshine.
The Treat Trail is also a great way to get one more use out of those Halloween costumes! Lilly dressed as a ghost.
It’s always fun to see the kids run around and play in their costumes. Matthias dressed as a vampire.
Some kids are just too cool for the playground. Maverick dressed as Goose from Top Gun to go along with his brother Maverick!
Hannah and Henry were off to save the day as Dash and Violet from the Incredibles.
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Mary Beth Foster
Mary Beth Foster works part time as an essay specialist at Charlotte Latin School and full time as a mom to her five-year-old daughter Hannah and her two-year-old son Henry. Prior to having children, she worked as a high school English teacher for nine years. Most recently, she chaired the English department at Queen's Grant High School. She and her husband have lived in Mint Hill with their children and their cats since 2011. Email: