Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department transfers EMS services to Mecklenburg EMS Agency

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The Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department is transferring emergency ambulance transport service to Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic) in the near future. While final details are forthcoming, the decision will not affect the local department’s duties as first responders to both fire and medical emergencies in the Town of Mint Hill.

“The Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department has enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Medic these past four decades and looks forward to continuing to provide outstanding service as first responders for the citizens of Mint Hill,” said Jerry Mullis, Chairman, Board of Directors, Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department

The transition of ambulance transport is an addition to Medic’s current services to the Town of Mint Hill, which includes providing 911 dispatch, Medical Director oversight, clinical protocols, continuing education and system performance criteria for EMS system providers.

According to Medic Executive Director Joe Penner, the shift comes after a longstanding legacy of the Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department’s contributions to the community.

“Mint Hill VFD began service four years before the County started Medic. They have provided thousands of volunteer hours in service to their neighbors over the last 45 years. Their uncommon dedication has impacted thousands of lives.” Joe Penner, Mecklenburg EMS Executive Director.

Statement from the Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department:

For 45 years, the Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department has proudly provided emergency ambulance transport service to the citizens, workers and visitors to the Town of Mint Hill and surrounding area. We are now announcing that our service will be transferring to Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic), which provides emergency medical services for Mecklenburg County.

The Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1952 and has acted as the EMS transport service since 1974. The department provided this service at the highest level with first an all-volunteer staff, then with paid firefighters and paramedics.

We feel that the citizens we serve have been blessed to have this service available to them at a local level. We are the only fire department in Mecklenburg County that has made EMS transport service available in its response area. Unfortunately, due to ever-increasing costs, the growth of our area, and the lack of enough qualified paramedics to adequately staff our ambulances, we find it necessary to pass this important responsibility to Medic.

The fire department will continue to provide the same high-quality service, along with the personal touch that our citizens have come to expect from us for fire suppression and prevention, rescue services, and as medical first responders. We still hold to the motto of our charter members: “We are neighbors helping neighbors.” Many things have changed in Mint Hill since that time, but we are adamant that the philosophy of helping our neighbors stays intact.

It is important that those who call 911 in our response area know that the same capable and competent members of the Mint Hill Fire Department will still be the first ones through their door to help them with their emergency, whether it is a fire, rescue, or medical issue. The only difference is if transport to the hospital is required, it will be provided by Medic.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who continue to support our service, whether financially or for the good name that you promote for us. We thank you. Our commitment to that quality of service and personal touch has never been stronger. We are here for you, and will continue to serve you at the highest level possible.

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