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Jaylan Byrd in action.
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Athlete of the Week: 

Jaylan Byrd: 

The Rocky River Ravens RB Jaylan Byrd has been selected this weeks premiere athlete of the week based on his on the field performance against the Eagles from East Mecklenburg. The senior who has led the rushing attack all season and has been a standout previously has earned this recognition.

Byrd in the 39-0 victory was the workhorse for the Ravens. He carried the football 23 times for 100 years, averaging 4.3 yards per carry while scoring 3 touchdowns in the contest. He has had a solid campaign in the 5 games played this season. Prior to entering Friday nights game he had accumulated 332 yards on 77 carries for a total of 83.0 yards per game with 3 touchdowns.

When we include his most recent performance the following is applicable:

Carries: 100, 432 total yards, average 4.3 yards per carry, 86.4 yards per game, 3 games 100 yards plus, and 6 touchdowns.

Honorable Mention:  

Antwione Norris 

Norris a senior is a team leader and is probably their best all around athlete. He is the Ravens top wide receiver, handles kick off and punter returns with excellent hands and good speed. Entering Friday night contest he had 358 yards receiving, 91 on kick returns, 15 rushing, a total of 468 all purpose yards averaging 117.0 yards per game, and 3 touchdowns. On Friday night he had 4 pass receptions and 1 touchdown to add to his numbers while having an excellent night on kick returns.

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