Mint Hill resident Anthony DeNino releases book about the power of giving and gratitude

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CHARLOTTE – This is republishing of an article that appeared in March online. This is a great time to revisit the idea of gratitude.

There’s no denying that the ever-present threat of COVID-19 has most of us in a funk.  Even for those who are healthy and fortunate, it can be hard to stay positive much less feel gratitude or plan for the future.

Enter Anthony DeNino, founder of Creating Our Reality and author of The Power of Giving and Gratitude!  “Creating Our Reality is a mindset that I want to help people understand,” says DeNino.  “It means that we ALL have the ability to create the life, love, and happiness we desire in our lives.”

“I go by the moniker of The SMART Guy,’” continues DeNino, “where SMART is an acronym for Success Means Acquiring Right Thoughts. I fully believe that with the right way of thinking – and here’s the key – taking action, you will, without exception, be able to create your reality.” 

DeNino brings that message to people as a keynote motivational speaker at local, state and national conferences.  “My main message in terms of the talks I give is to help people understand that both individually and collectively, we are limitless in what we can accomplish,” says DeNino.

DeNino speaks to a crowd

DeNino also conducts workshops and training on topics like sales, leadership, effective communication, corporate culture, customer service, and perspective.  DeNino’s speeches and workshops are appropriate for a variety of organizations from small and mid-size companies to Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofits.

“These all represent existing clients I work with,” says DeNino.  “The key that I always try to get across to prospective customers is that every speech, workshop and training I conduct is customized exclusively for them in order to meet the specific needs their company or nonprofit has.”  

On March 13, DeNino released  The Power of Giving and Gratitude! A Path to Creating your Reality.  Citing studies that demonstrate the physical, mental, emotional and overall health benefits of living a life centered around giving and gratitude, DeNino sets out to prove that giving benefits not only the receiver but the giver as well.

DeNino’s book, The Power of Giving and Gratitude!

“My main message is that practicing a life centered around these two attributes will improve the lives of not just ourselves and the people we directly impact, but also others who we may never know,” says DeNino.

DeNino recommends the book to anyone who enjoys books centered around self-help, spirituality, motivation, and inspiration.  “Additionally, I really feel that companies and non-profit managers, Directors, Presidents or CEOs should consider giving this book as a gift to their employees and clients,” suggests DeNino.  “This sends a number of great messages including an appreciation for their employees’ hard work and efforts, that the leader really does care about these attributes, and because of the overall climate he/she would like to let his/her employees and clients know that is being incorporated.”

It’s a message that DeNino feels bears special relevance in such stressful times.  “Things have changed so much; however, what hasn’t changed is how we can positively impact other people,” says DeNino.  “To me, because of the understandable fear, nervousness, and concern people have, it is more important than ever to help other people and be thankful for the things we DO have in our lives. 

A Mint Hill resident since 1994, DeNino feels its residents’ kindness and commitment to the community is second to none.  “I do what I do because of the positive impact I want to have on our town, the city, state, country, and world,” says DeNino.  “I strive to be a better person and pass along God’s messages of kindness, love, compassion, and yes, of giving, and gratitude.” 

To learn more about DeNino’s keynote motivational speaking, workshops, and consulting work, visit  To purchase your copy of The Power of Giving and Gratitude! – available as a paperback, digitally, and as an audio book – please go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Audible, or his publisher’s website at

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