Mint Hill Historical Society Seeks Local History Recorders

Short Wave radio club at Mint Hill Historical Society reaching out. (MHHS photo)
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Mint Hill Village Scene. (MHHS photo)
Folk Music at the Village. (MHHS photo)

The Mint Hill Historical Society has not been able to keep up with recording the growth in Mint Hill and would like to enlist volunteer Local History Recorders. They would explore around town and within the community, meet local residents, interview seniors and others for remembrances of Mint Hill. They could video or audio and organize newspaper clippings both old and current. Search online newspaper databases for Mint Hill stories. Photograph community changes, then and now. Organize current archives, research history of properties, families, businesses, churches, organizations, and much more.

A Local History Recorder, you will be seeking out individuals and family members who have lived in the area for a while. You are like an explorer and researcher, a person who enjoys history and wants to record it and keep it relevant for the Town of Mint Hill, our residents, and young children who are natural explorers.

For example, the land before the Brighton Park neighborhood was built? The property had a home and a barn, it sat on 133 acres of farmland, the Rice family lived there for decades. Ruth Rice Teeter lived on the property all her life until she passed away and the property was sold 20 years ago to a developer. As Mint Hill continues to grow as a suburb of Charlotte, we are no longer a rural community of farmers and merchants. We have evolved, and are a growing and thriving community with a bright and prosperous future. However, we want to honor our past, understand our roots and capture our history for all to enjoy who reside in Mint Hill and for visitors who come to our community.

Therefore, our town needs Local History Recorders to preserve our past, show the present and possibly even foresee the future. If you love history, enjoy exploring, like research,  have a local family background, or want to participate in a project to give back to the community, then contact the Mint Hill Historical Society.

Please contact Suzanne McDonald, Administration Director, located at the Carl J. McEwen Historical Village 7601 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Mint Hill, North Carolina at 704-573-0726 or send an e-mail to

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