Mint Hill Historical Society Holds Annual Meeting

Novant Health President, Joy Greear addresses guests during slide presentation. (Paul Imirie)
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The Mint Hill Historical Society recently held their Annual Meeting on January 29th in the Community Room of Novant Health Mint Hill Hospital, located at 8201 Healthcare Loop, Charlotte, NC 28215.

Stan Davis, President of the Historical Society opened up the meeting with a warm welcome to those in attendance.  He also introduced Joy Greear, President of Novant Healthcare at the medical facility.  The two organizations are developing an excellent working relationship and are discussing synergies on how both parties can benefit from a growing partnership arrangement.

MHHS President Stan Davis addresses the audience. (Paul Imirie)

Greear showed a slide presentation highlighting some of the projects the two organizations have been jointly working on that have a positive impact upon the community and the medical facility.  Also, she mentioned that she wants the relationship to prosper and be on-going.  Novant agreed to underwrite some of the expense for the third grade students to attend the historical village.  They will primarily be focused on paying for the buses and drivers to transport the students and teachers between school and the village.

Community involvement is extremely important to Greear and Novant.  They reached out to the community and contacted local artists within a 15 mile radius.  As a result their are 300 pieces of art throughout the facility along with a plate that showcases each individuals artist work.  The artwork can be found throughout the hospital literally on all three floors.

Mint Hill and Mecklenburg County Hall Exhibit. (Paul Imirie)

The tour began when Ms. Greear and Becky Griffin led the group into the hall where there are maps of Mint Hill and Mecklenburg County.  This is a beautiful display of Mint Hill’s history including well known families in the area.

The general meeting resumed with Becky Griffin and Judy McRoie for the Historic Home Presentation Award.  The James Morrison Black home located on highway 218 near Veterans Memorial Park was honored.  The history of the home and family was reviewed, with pictures of the old farm and dairy business.

Trustee Bob Rowland provided and update on the village.  He also discussed the proposed barn and showed a drawing of it.  All the architectural drawings are complete, including the mechanical and electrical have been submitted to the lead architect for approval.  It will then be submitted to Mecklenburg County who will make some recommendations and returned to make any adjustments.  This building once complete, will serve as a meeting room for students who visit the village, and will be available for weddings, parties, events, and other activities.

Display case of local historical artifacts. (Paul Imirie)

Mint Hill Historical Society also purchased a building on Hillside to be used for parking vehicles in the future.  The historical society is grateful to Griffin Masonry who is responsible for reconstructing the second floor, roof of the log cabin and the beautiful stone fireplace.  There still needs more work to be done and there is a need for volunteers to help with finishing both the cabin and rental home.

Becky Griffin mentioned the administration building has been cleared of the gift shop items.  The room is now a history room of Mint Hill.  It has become a spacious and very comfortable atmosphere as you enter through the front door.  All the clutter is gone as you step back into history.

A new exhibit will be coming soon highlighting our VFW Hall of Fame.  The next big event will be the annual Mint Hill South Carolina High School Association Rodeo to be held on April 26-27, 2019.  The event will be followed by Discover Mint Hill, and the Farmer’s Market that will meet throughout the summer.

Becky Griffin and Judy McRoie review the Smith barn drawings. (Paul Imirie)

Finally, there was a special thank you given to past board members and those serving now.  In addition to the board there are a group of 20 volunteers who assist in the many events and activities provided weekly.  Becky Griffin, Executive Director, Bob Rowland, Vice President, and Sharon Heath, Secretary were present.  Also, Sue McDonald, Administrative Director and her staff of curators and Sarah Wainscott, Bookkeeper get a huge thank you for all they do to accomplish the organization’s mission.

We have two board members who are leaving their seats, June Hood who served since 2005 to 2018 and John Nix since 2007.  The next board members voted in this year will expire in 2021.  The new members are Ed Berti, Chad Davis, and Scott Harris.

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