Mint Hill Historical Society Barn Raising Watch Update

Framing, door opening , etc. (Paul Imirie)
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Boarding the roof. (Paul Imirie)
Work continues at the barn. (Paul Imirie)

Even during the COVID-19 virus crisis the barn-raising project continues to make progress. The structure is coming together and hopefully continues to remain on schedule. The construction is being done all outdoors and the workers remain vigilant following the CDC guidelines by keeping a safe distance from others as they work on different sections of the project.

Previously, volunteers stained 5000 square feet of barn boards in three days. Also, the timber framing is complete and the Ohio Barn Builders are now back home. The next phase in the project is to stain the interior boards. Hopefully, this phase of the barn raising will be completed sometime soon in the near future.

Please review the Mint Hill Historical Society’s Facebook page for all updates as the community moves forward with the project. This is the non-profits first barn raising and they would appreciate all the volunteers possible at the appropriate time during the upcoming months ahead.

As information, the Mint Hill Historical Society has announced the following closings and postponements in the village due to the current COVID-19 virus crisis.

All tours, building usage rentals, canceled or postponed, Mint Hill Rodeo postponed, Discover Mint Hill postponed until the fall, Farmers Market postponed until May 16th, Charlotte Folk Society weekly gathering canceled, Ham Radio monthly meeting canceled.

Meanwhile, to all citizens and residents of Mint Hill please remain safe, vigilant and stay healthy during this time.

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