Mint Hill Fire Department partners with Monroe Hardware

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Mint Hill Fire Department has partnered with Monroe Hardware of Mint Hill to help keep folks in Mint Hill safe.

The Fire Department has long provided smoke detectors to residents who do not have them, and cannot afford to purchase one. However, according to Deputy Chief John Phillips, the resources for providing these important safety devices have not been as plentiful as in years past. Deputy Chief Phillips tasked one of the fire captains, Captain Jon Michael Neu, to reach out to some of the local merchants to see if any wanted to participate in this important project. Captain Neu reported that one contact with Monroe Hardware was all that was needed. “They were anxious to jump on board with us to be able to keep this project supplied with smoke detectors” says Capt. Neu. “It is our goal for everyone to be able to sleep at night with this device at work for them in their home”.

Deputy Chief Phillips continues, “We understand that this is something that the vast number of our residents will take care of themselves, but we also realize that there are some who cannot afford the $15-$20 expense of owning this absolutely critical device”.  We carry them on each of our engine companies and our ladder truck so that we can install one anytime we happen upon this circumstance. It may be on a fire related call, or an EMS call. We train our folks to look for smoke detectors any time we are in peoples’ homes.  If there is not a working smoke detector there, and we know it, we will make sure there is one there either when we leave, or shortly thereafter. Early warning is so crucial to surviving a fire in the home. In that unfortunate circumstance, we want everyone safely outside the home when we arrive.

“We appreciate the good folks at Monroe Hardware for joining us to keep this project alive. We have found this business to be a great asset to us on most everything in hardware for our use, and we hope that you will too!”

The Fire Department also wants residents to know that it is equally important for residents to be sure that their smoke detectors are working. We definitely advocate pushing the test button at least twice a year to insure this. Nationally, this is advocated at the two times per year when you change your clocks for daylight savings time coming in and going out.

If you find yourself in need of a smoke detector, and cannot afford to purchase one, or if you just have questions about smoke detectors or anything else relating to safety in your home, you are invited to call the Mint Hill Fire Dept. @ 704-545-4866 for non-emergency needs, but please call 911 if you have an emergency! You can also reach your fire dept. by visiting our website @, or follow us on facebook @

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