Mint Hill Fire Department is now on social media

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Mint Hill Fire Department has came a long way from it’s humble beginnings 65 years ago. In early 1952, following some devastating fires, a group of concerned citizens met and decided to form a volunteer fire department in order to protect the property within the community. Today Mint Hill Fire Department responds to around 5,000 calls for service, that number grows more each year with MHFD being staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by Firefighters & Paramedics.

Over the past few years the town of Mint Hill has seen a respectable amount of growth. With that growth, the fire department has seen an increase in volume of emergencies. With the increase in emergency incidents, the fire department has added personnel and equipment and has ensured that the town stays a safe place to live and work.

Social media has been a huge benefit to Mint Hill Fire Department.  By getting our name out to the community, we can relay our passion of serving to them. We are aware that the power of social media reaches a lot of people in a very efficient manner. “If we can just relay simple information that tends to get overlooked, for example, when to replace batteries in your smoke detector, or simple fire safety tips throughout the year that they can use to keep them and their family safe, we have done a great service.” said Lt. Cliff Sutton.

As the eldest elder statesman in operations at MHFD, I am more than a little amazed at the impact of social media on every facet of folks lives today. It seems that people who grew up in the age of electronic devices view social media as normal as people used to view the newspaper and telephone booths. Like most everything else this venue of instant communication where everyone can share information can be a good and/or bad thing. It is good if it is used properly to help and inform others of happenings around them. On the other hand, it can be a bad thing when we don’t respect each other’s privacy, and we fail to use good moral judgement when it comes to using social media.

I am convinced that it can be very helpful for MHFD to communicate with the public, that we are so glad to announce we now are on social media.  It will be used as as a positive tool to communicate helpful information to everyone.- Deputy Chief. John Phillips

You can find Mint Hill Fire Department online on most major social media networks. We invite you to give our pages a follow to stay up to date with all of the latest information on what’s going on with the fire department and the community.

Instagram: @MintHillFD

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