Mint Hill Coffee Hosts Local Author, Realty Group

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MINT HILL, NC – On Tuesday, June 7, local author Jamie Jackson released Scorn & Sorrow, the third book in her urban fantasy/romance series Adventures of a Villain Leaning Humanoid.

Scorn & Sorrow is the third book in Jackson’s urban fantasy series Adventures of a Villain-Leaning Humanoid

Told from the point of view of reluctant superhero Megaera (Meg for short), Adventures of a Villain Leaning Humanoid tells the story of a group of freelance heroes facing a group of villains they never could have predicted.  “At its heart I think this series is about found family, and what happens when a reluctant hero comes into her own, as well as what lengths she’ll go to in an effort to protect that family,” says Jackson.  “It also retells Greco-Roman mythology with the idea that all the myths have details that are incomplete or even wrong.”

“In Book 3 you can expect plenty more action, continued banter between Meg and Greg and their growing relationship, as well as a new character, a villain-turned-hero named Maniac, along with a dive into really turning up the mythology retelling,” promises Jackson.

On Saturday, June 11, Jackson promoted the series and her new book at Mint Hill Coffee & Social House with a “Meet the Author” and book signing.  “I wanted to be able to do a local event to get information about my books out there,” says Jackson.  

Wilson & Co Realty Group
Wilson & Co Realty Group

Also present at Mint Hill Coffee on the 11th was Wilson & Co Realty Group.  “We run a family-owned firm that services Mint Hill, Matthews and the greater Charlotte area,” says Abby Wilson, who owns and operates Wilson & Co Realty with her husband Brad Wilson.  “Our tagline is ‘Building Wealth One House at a Time.’  We have a passion for seeing people build wealth and helping people reach their goals.”

“We’ve been in business for five years and in Mint Hill for seven,” continues Wilson.  “We’re out here today building our firm and supporting a local business.  We’ve loved Mint Hill Coffee since they were across the street!  We invest in all of our clients, and today we’re giving them swag bags because the reality is we’ve built our business because people have trusted us, and we want them to know that if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

Mint Hill Coffee & Social House has been adding many new events to their calendar
Mint Hill Coffee & Social House has been adding many new events to their calendar

The event is one example of the new programming you’ll find at Mint Hill Coffee & Social House. They’ve added monthly themed trivia as well as Music Bingo every Friday.  In June, they hosted “Wine Down Wednesday” in conjunction with Total Being Yoga: a $5 yoga class plus beer and wine specials.  They’re planning another “Wine Down Wednesday” for July 13, as well as two Saturday morning “Yoga & Brunch” events with live music and mimosa flights.  

We have extended hours on Friday and Saturday (until 10:00 pm) and wanted to provide some fun activities everyone could participate in,” says Owner Annette Smith.  “Not everyone wants to go to a bar with their kids, so our atmosphere is a little more relaxed while also serving beer, wine and spirits with plenty of kid-friendly and non-alcoholic drinks available.  We plan to continue to provide more fun activities as we grow our business.  We’ve also recently added more food options to our menu.”

Jackson’s new book is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  Follow Mint Hill Coffee & Social House on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their newest events and offers.

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