Mint Hill Board Of Commissioners November Meeting Results

Mint Hill Town Hall Complex.
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MINT HILL, NC – There were three main topics highlighted for discussion during the latest Town Hall meeting which occurred on Thursday, November 12.

The first is a proposal to improve the Mint Hill Athletic Association facility located on Brief Road. The total estimate is $3.1 million with the largest cost items being LED Lighting divided up between four groups in the amount of $2.395 million alone. The remaining debt on the Senior Field is $180,000, and to add a new playground is another $125,000 investment. All the other less expensive items that are factored into the proposal amounts are $356,600, with a 10% contingency of $43,400 factored into the plan.

The athletic complex was originally developed in 1994. All maintenance and upgrades have been made by volunteers to date. Normal wear and tear was expected as the facility aged, creating some safety hazards which require significant upgrades, including the addition of amenities. Some of the work will be performed in-house by Public Works, and the use of outside contractors is baked into the plan.

According to the proposal, some additional staff will be required; the purchase of capital equipment, maintenance and utilities are estimated to cost $110,000. Overall, this project is viewed as an investment in our community and youth athletics for both the short-term and long-term benefit of Mint Hill residents.

Second, a public hearing took place on Case #ZC20-8 filed by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education to request rezoning to allow a new elementary school on the property located at 11501 and 11615 Idlewild Road, on parcel number 135-231-07.

The site is on 62.65 acres, including the existing site of the middle school. The Board of Commissioners will evaluate the design and layout of the structures and improvements for the proposal. All the proposed construction will require site plan approval by the Board of Commissioners.

The development proposal and site plans shall be evaluated based on the existing features of the site such as large trees and other significant vegetation, topography, architectural design and proposed access drives, traffic flows, and parking availability. It’s important that the new construction and improvements being proposed are compatible with the existing surroundings in terms of scale, orientation, and mass.

With the projected and anticipated growth of Mint Hill over the next decade, certainly within 5-10 years this proposal by the County is timely and should be a welcomed addition to our community.

Third, Mayor Brad Simmons proclaimed Saturday November 28 as Small Business Saturday. This proclamation is in support of our local businesses and merchants who contribute economic viability, employment, social responsibility with financial support to local charities, nonprofits, youth athletic programs, and our veterans.

As additional information, the County reported taxes collected on behalf of the Town of Mint Hill during the month of October 2020 was $438,040.92. The majority collected from real estate/personal property taxes amounted to $437,299.09. The remaining amounts accumulated from interest on collected taxes, registered motor vehicle tax and fee in accordance with the State Statutes, whereby the County receives 1.5% for billing and collecting the vehicle tax/fee.

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