Mint Hill American Legion Post 555 Honors Memorial Day

Post 555 legionnaires pay tribute to the fallen.
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Hallowed grounds
Hallowed grounds.

MINT HILL, NC – The coronavirus outbreak has given us a wake-up call on how fragile life can be. The unexpected and potentially deadly virus has killed over 100,000 Americans to date. For most citizens, the pandemic highlights what it means to face unforeseen danger while taking action to protect our families and others in our community. Those who have served in the U.S. military fully understand the sacrifice and measure of resolve it takes to defeat an enemy.

American flags laid at Korean War Memorial
American flags laid at the Korean War Memorial.

Memorial Day is a time to honor those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. These American souls did not make it home from their service to our nation. They are the fallen, those of us who answered the call when the republic requested their honorable service during armed conflicts. Also, the impact on those who did return home, but are affected by the scars of war, this could mean exposure to Agent Orange, traumatic brain injury or with post-traumatic stress disorder and are trying to cope in their daily lives.

Your local Mint Hill American Legion Post 555 has been conducting “Buddy Checks” among our 131 members and other veterans located in the surrounding area who may need assistance and are at risk. The post has been reaching out through telephone calls, e-mails and will continue throughout the pandemic. Understanding, that real assistance for veterans in need, or at risk, comes from within our own community.

Legionnaire Edwin Arce and son at Korean War Memorial
Legionnaire Edwin Arce and son at Korean War Memorial.

Post 555 visited Veterans Memorial Park in Mint Hill and laid 125 flags around the Korean War Memorial and another 125 flags at Sunset Memory Gardens to pay respect to the fallen for Memorial Day.

This time in May, during Memorial Day is a veteran special time to honor the fallen and remember those with whom they served. This remembrance goes as far back as the Civil War in our history. Way too many have suffered and wearied, they cannot and will not be forgotten for their sacrifice.

Pathway to memorial at Sunset Memory Gardens
Pathway to the memorial at Sunset Memory Gardens.

If you are a veteran who needs assistance download the resource kit at to get started. Please get in touch with your local American legion Post 555 or directly with the Veterans Administration mental-health services for help.

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