Mindy Parman Joins The Mint Hill Chamber Of Commerce

While working from her home office, Mindy displays an excitement for her clients and for her Tennessee Volunteers.
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MINT HILL, NC – There’s a new face in the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce: Mindy Parman, an associate with Thrivent Financial. When she moved to Mint Hill five years ago, Parman fell in love with the community and its people. “I’ve always been passionate about people. Because my heartbeat has always been for community service, Thrivent encouraged me to get involved in my town. Joining the Chamber of Commerce seemed like the perfect way to get plugged in.” Parman explains.

Mint Hill was a natural fit for Parman in many ways. It has a “hometown” feeling that

Mindy Parman is a licensed financial professional in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
Mindy Parman is a licensed financial professional in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Parman loves, but it is thriving and growing. Parman says that she also chose Mint Hill because she really saw a need she could fill here. “Most of my co-workers are on the west side of downtown. There was no office or Thrivent financial advisor in East Charlotte. It’s the people of Mint Hill that I really like, so it’s those people I want to serve.” Parman shares, “I want to be able to walk around the local grocery store and greet my clients as friends.”

Becoming a Thrivent financial associate was not what Parman originally envisioned for herself. She graduated college with a degree in Pharmaceuticals. She enjoyed doing personal finance as a hobby but thought she was meant to serve people in a more medicinal way. “I began to realize that the best parts of my week, month, and the year came when I was deep in research about finances and how to solve monetary problems,” Parman describes. “I would share with people about my own research, and I began to notice a pattern in the conversations. Those I spoke with would express interest in the details or confess frustration and lack of knowledge about their own finances. I think those early interactions are what made me aware of how others need help in this area, too.” Parman quickly changed her career goals and became a licensed financial planner.

When the job with Thrivent came her way, Parman jumped at the chance. “My story is such a long, God-led journey. Thrivent is a Christ-centered organization that gives back to the community. They were the perfect fit for my personal and professional values.” Thrivent definitely lives up to Parman’s standards. They have been chosen as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the last ten years. They also offer some of the most highly rated insurance and investment programs available.

Parman is also excited to be the only female financial planner in the Mint Hill area. “One of my goals is to focus on the female financial population. Women are often the CEO or CFO of their own households. They usually make a lot of the budget decisions, and, on average, they live longer than men. I want women to know that a secure financial future is not beyond their grasp. I want to sit down across the table from them and get them involved in a conversation they need to join.”

Parman’s desire and drive come through clearly when she speaks about the clients she has already served. Whether it is helping a newly married couple build credit to buy a house, or making sure a middle-aged man has the right life insurance policy for his family, Parman aspires to be a life-long companion on someone’s financial journey. “I was recently speaking with a 90-year-old financial advisor,” Parman reveals. “He shared that he had just met with the grandkids of a family that he helped when the grandparents were just kids themselves. Three generations of helping people achieve their financial goals? That is my dream. That is what I want to do.”

Parman looks forward to her official ribbon cutting. This event will take place on July 22nd in the Mint Hill Chamber Offices at 7900 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd, Bldg. 2 Ste. B in Mint Hill. There will be a time for residents to get to know Parman after the ribbon cutting and she encourages the public to join her. “I am so excited to share my new business with the community!” Parman smiles.

Parman is a wealth of wisdom and she is ready to work with any Mint Hill family. Call (615) 594-6198 to set an appointment. To learn more about Mindy’s journey or to get information about upcoming seminars “Will Your Taxes Affect Your Retirement?” and “Retirement and Taxes with an IRA Expert, Ed Slott” visit  https://local.thrivent.com/directory/nc/mint-hill and click the “Get in Touch” button.

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