Mike Boteilho the Voice of Independence Patriots Athletics

Mike Boteilho during the football pep rally. (Ron Morris)
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We wanted to interview the man behind the microphone for Independence High School athletics. Mike Boteilho has been the Patriots public address announcer for football, basketball, and softball. In the spring of 2020, he will begin working at home baseball games for the Patriots. He has been the voice of the Patriots for the past three years. Mike has been involved in the profession for six years.

To bring Mike to the forefront, The Mint Hill Times wanted to give Patriots fans and students the opportunity to get to know the voice they hear and enjoy at many sports events on campus. Therefore, we asked Mike some questions and the following are his responses.

What attracted you to becoming a public address announcer? 

I went to school for Broadcasting and although my dream is to be a play by play announcer, I often thought I could bring that same level of passion to a sporting event.  I wanted to make the game fun. I would go to games and I would wonder why the PA person wasn’t energetic and I thought, I can do this!

How did you get into public address announcing? 

I was at a Mint Hill Mountaineer game and they were looking for a volunteer, I saw this as my opportunity to see if I would be good at it. That one chance shot allowed me an opportunity that has afforded me the ability to call numerous games and sporting events now. That has ultimately led to the opportunity to call Independence games and pep rally’s. The next step is to call professional or collegiate sports, but until then, I’m having a blast!

How do you effectively relay information to the crowd?

I try to call the play as fast and fair as possible but to get it right the first time as parents and fans will quickly know if I make an error. I also take great pride in knowing I’m calling what I’m seeing and that isn’t always perfect, so when I do make a mistake, I try to keep it light as I know the fans are probably saying.. how did he miss that!!!

What do you consider your most significant accomplishment as a public address announcer?

This is tough because I have called a lot of games for MARA and Indy. I don’t look for personal accolades but my most exciting games have been, third, 2018 Indy vs Olympic … calling the comeback after Indy let in a late score and reminding the fans there was still time left on the clock.  Second, 2019 Softball vs Butler, the game was intense and back and forth and they never gave up! First, 2018 Indy vs Butler in basketball. To me, this paved the way for the state championship, but the crowd was electric and with the thunder dunks and calling out the threeeeeee it made the evening amazing for the athletes and fans!

As an announcer what do you believe is your biggest asset? 

My voice and inspiration to never give up. Regardless if Independence is winning or losing, my goal is to inspire the athletes and crowd as if they were succeeding at all-time levels.

What is the secret to becoming a successful announcer?

Understanding the game and making it fun. The announcer is just as critical to the game day experience as the music or the snacks!

What recommendations would you make to any young person who would like to get into the field or profession?

Start early and get a mentor. This is a very hard business to get into, so when you have your opportunity, be prepared with video of you calling a game and be able to articulate what makes you different and unique. Remember this is a game and you have the ability to make it memorable!!

Since you concentrate on sports, how do you get creative during the course of a game? What is your favorite sport to announce, why?

I try to make it fun, so I create nicknames for the players and I try to make people enjoy the game by playing good music or make them laugh on a call. My favorite sport is tough and I love calling them all, but nothing beats football on Friday night especially in a close game. The energy in the stadium is infectious and I try to add to it by hyping it up even more. The more I get excited, the fans usually will follow suit! I know they hear me on the field and at the beginning of the season I get to hear it from many of them asking what their nickname will be, my answer is always the same, it comes when I see the play, nothing is ever predetermined.

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