Michael Smith Retires from Queens Grant High School

The Smith Family. (Ed Berti)
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Michael Smith on the buffet line. (Ed Berti)
Fixing a beautiful flower arrangement. (Ed Berti)
Faculty and staff members. ( Ed Berti)
Staff and Administration personnel. (Ed Berti)
Mint Hill Mayor Ted Biggers honors Mr. Smith. (Ed Berti)
Christine Amaral delivers a gift presentation. (Ed Berti)

The board, faculty, administration and friends of Michael Smith enjoyed a retirement party at the Pine Lake Country Club on Saturday June 8th.

Mr. Smith, also known as “Doc” on campus because he earned his Doctoral degree, was honored by many who were able to attend his farewell event as he moves on into another phase of his life in retirement. He is planning to settle in Myrtle Beach and enjoy his morning coffee watching the sunrise. While in the evenings enjoying the sunset on the beach by the ocean breeze.

“It’s been an exciting and fulfilling career, and I have enjoyed every moment of the ride even with it’s ups and downs. My time spent at Queens Grant High School has been very rewarding and I always had the full support of the board with a professional and wonderful  faulty and staff,” said Smith.

Retirement is an important crossroad we face in life. It involves a fundamental change in lifestyle, one that gives us a completely new outlook on how we approach each day. All our lives we have been conditioned to think in terms of saving for our retirement years. Society has created a mystique about this unique time in our lives when we are to magically transform ourselves into different people with different lives when in reality we are just the same individual we have always been, living our daily lives.

It will require an adjustment to your daily work routine in the so called world. Retirement is considered to be our “golden years” of our lives. However, Teddy Roosevelt the Rough Rider, said it best; “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

This is a message to a gentlemen who deserves only the best, make retirement your best years if you can. It’s not that simple, however, do the things that make you happy, that make a difference in your life, your loved ones and to others.

We sincerely wish you a “Happy Retirement” and in five years please return for the coin toss at midfield. Congratulations on another milestone in life’s journey.

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