Meet New Mint Hill Chamber President, Joy Greear

Mint Hill Chamber President, Joe Greear.
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Joy Greear, the President of Novant Mint Hill Medical Center, has been nominated to lead the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce as the new Board President of the organization.

Greear has a very interesting background.  She grew up in a small town in Mississippi.  She appreciates the values of our small town business environment and comradeship she truly enjoys in the Mint Hill community.  Also, she appreciates the folks over at the Mint Hill Historical Society who provide the community with a unique historical background of the town’s past history available to our youth and local residents in the area.

Her career began in accounting as she received her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Mississippi State University in 1987.  She later attended Pfeiffer University and graduated with a Master of Hospital Administration degree in 2005, and continued at Pfeiffer to obtain her Master of Business Administration degree in 2007.

Her previous experience includes being Vice President, Professional and Support Services at Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte for over 7 years, and President at Thomasville Medical Center in Thomasville, North Carolina.

The writer had a great discussion and overall conversation with the town’s new Chamber President.  We asked her some specific questions and the responses were both thoughtful and candid.

Question: What’s the biggest challenge or opportunity you face at the Chamber in your new position?   

Answer: That’s a great question, Ed.  “I would like to take the Chamber to the next level,  change the perception and image.”  She believes in full diversity, there are more woman owned businesses and entrepreneurs today than ever before in our society.  “How do we capitalize on our strengths and recreate ourselves within the community, improve our perception outside our own boundaries.  How do we get the members more involved in this endeavor?  It’s not only about membership dollars, a return on the members investment, its having a social responsibility, how local businesses and the Chamber can give back to the community, said Greear.”

Question: What should the Chamber focus on initially and going forward? 

Answer:  We must first focus on continued growth.  We are moving the current office which is only 600 square feet to a new location in the same complex that is 1800 square feet.  This will give us more space for Board meetings, after hours events, and a place to showcase our membership.

Going forward Greear would like to see more networking opportunities created for the membership and their businesses.  She would like to see more fundraising events sponsored by the membership.  She favors a woman’s event, a ladies brunch and tea on May 18th is currently planned at Arlington Baptist Church.  The Chamber expects between 200 to 250 woman to attend.

Question: What’s your plan to provide more value for the members? 

Answer: We plan to enhance our website exposure this year to highlight the membership.  We are now planning to consider “Pop Up Events”, reinforce the value of live local and buy  local which helps everyone within the community.  “We don’t always need to shop at the big box stores for value, we can purchase locally where everyone benefits.”  The new website should be more attractive and is expected to make a difference in the Chambers image and perception going forward.  There will be other areas of value the organization will be able to draw from to enhance their exposure and attract more business to the community.  Also, making good use of the new office facility should prove to be beneficial to the membership as new ideas and proposals come forward to maximize its use.

Question: How are you going to get members to better understand the benefits of membership and the return on their investment?  

Answer: Again another good question,  we plan to offer education classes for members which could include, small business marketing, financial and accounting workshops, employee interview skills, resume classes, how to hire the best candidates, assist in filling job openings, etc.  “The Chamber needs to become a conduit of information and resources, a place where members can benefit from the opportunities and services we can provide to enhance their businesses.  We can position ourselves as a connector of both people and resources to have the capability to make a good match between a business enterprise and our membership to grow the local economy with more diverse businesses while offering residents more options locally.”

Question: What keeps you awake at night when it comes to the Chamber? 

Answer: What Joy thinks about is how does the organization continue to grow upon the excitement created in 2018.  “How do we go from where we are today, and expand into the future in a positive way for both the town of Mint Hill and the membership.”  There are risks and rewards, and as an organization the Chamber must identify what these factors are and how best to prepare for them.  Then take the necessary steps to move forward for the mutual benefit of all involved.

As in any new or existing business enterprise, interaction with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts is an important ingredient for success.

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