Mayor And Town Boards Continue With Business During Pandemic

Mint Hill Town Hall.
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MINT HILL, NC – Over the past two meetings of the Board of Commissioners, the items discussed on the agenda have revolved around upcoming building project proposals.

The ODA architecture on behalf of UTD Technology Corporation was approved. The proposal under Case # ZC20-7 created a new use and definition under Text Amendment to Section 5.2 to allow a Brewery/Tap Room in the DO-B district, (Downtown B-Town Center). Back on June 14, 2014, under Case # ZC14-3 the initial text amendment permitted the use in the I-G district. It was further amended and approved under Case # ZC15-6 to allow a Brewery Tap Room in the B-D district. The district amendment pertains to allowing this type of business establishment in the downtown business town center area.

A discussion and decision were made by the Board to approve Case # ZC19-9 filed by Streetscape Land Partners, LLC, for Conditional Rezoning from R to R-DO-A to allow a residential development for property located at parcel numbers 197-011-16, 197-011-45, and 197-011-42. The name of the community will be McEwen Manor.

The Planning Board recommendation to the Commissioners was to move forward with the proposal even though it’s inconsistent with the Land Use Plan. After careful review, the Planning Board came to the conclusion that the proposal appears to be reasonable and suitable for the area, based on its proximity to downtown, the planned pedestrian infrastructure, and the overall comparability of the project. The proposed development is consistent with the Pedestrian Plan and Downtown Master Plan with respect to the planned greenway connection. The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph in the area.

The revised project is now a 166-residential lot community.  The company removed the 91 townhome lots from the original proposal. The 56.16-acre site will provide full access from Cresthill Drive. The proposed plan includes two access points on Lawyers Road, with a future connection at the southeast corner, and a connection to Cresthill Drive.

O'Reilly Auto Parts Store proposal.
O’Reilly Auto Parts Store proposal.

Case #ZC20-3, The applicant Piedmont Companies, Inc. proposal to build an Auto Parts Store was approved by the Board. The parcel number is 197-033-14. The Town passed an amendment to the downtown code requiring Conditional District rezoning for Auto Parts Retail (ZC18-8).  The property is located at the corner of Philadelphia Church Road and Highway 18. The site is 1.66 acres, and it includes a 7639 square foot building. The store will be an O’Reilly Auto Parts, a well know automotive retail outlet.

Case # ZC20-4,  The applicant Land Investment Resources for tax parcel numbers 137-061-13, 137-281-59, and 137-281-54 allows for Conditional District rezoning from R to R (CD) to allow new residential development.

The plan includes a 33.78-acre site to construct 44 lots off Happy Hollow Drive and an additional 12 larger lots fronting Street D, totaling 56 lots. The proposed density is less than 2 units per acre. Furthermore, the proposal includes access off Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road and three connections to Happy Hollow Drive. A sidewalk, curb, and gutter are planned for the property-side of Happy Hollow Drive.

Case # ZC20-5, The applicant Epcon Communities, for tax parcel number 195-231-01 to allow Conditional District Rezoning from R to R (CD) to allow residential development.

The plan proposal includes 42 lots on a 21-acre site. The proposed density is planned for two units per acre. The Zoning Plan indicates there will be two curb cuts on Hooks Road and a connection to Nancy Ruth Lane in the Davis Trace subdivision. A sidewalk is planned for the property-side frontage of Hooks Road and Idlewild Road.

Case # ZC20-6, The filing made by Meritage Homes, from R DO-A to R-DO-A (CD) for the purpose of an exception request to Section 4.2.2 A (3), all front entrances shall be raised from the street grade (at the curb or sidewalk) a minimum of one and one-half feet.

Adding four sides masonry veneers to all proposed 74 lots will create a cohesive impression between the commercial and residential areas of Mint Hill Village. It should increase the value of the surrounding areas. The masonry will be an improvement aesthetically to connect the residential portion to the Town Hall and retail commercial side of the project.

If any citizens or residents would like more detailed information on each case proposal and project, please feel free to go to the Town of Mint Hill website or call the Town Hall.

Some other activities of interest include Mayor Brad Simmons proclaiming October 4-10, 2020, as Fire Prevention Week. Also, the Town of Mint Hill and the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce will be holding a Veterans Appreciation Day on Saturday, November 14, from 8:00 am until 9:30 am at Veterans Memorial Park for local veterans of Mint Hill. This will be a drive-through event as a safety measure due to the current pandemic. For more information please call the Town Hall at 704-545-9726.

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