May Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting Of Commissioners

Mint Hill Town Hall.
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MINT HILL, NC – The Town of Mint Hill Board of Commissioners held their first in-person public meeting since the COVID pandemic began a year ago. Some interesting and important items were discussed and presented at the meeting that could impact the continued growth of the community.

Mayor Brad Simmons.
Mayor Brad Simmons.

The first matter was Public Hearing on docket #ZC21-4, filed by the City of Charlotte-Charlotte Water to build a new elevated water tank on 12910 Palomino Drive. Mint Hill is the top site location for the proposed elevated water storage tank to be constructed in the area.

The construction cost is $6 million, and the schedule to begin the project is the Summer of 2023 through the Winter of 2024. The new water tank will provide service to Mint Hill, Matthews, and portions of South and East Charlotte. The structure will be a 1.5 million gallon tank standing approximately 188 feet tall.

The next steps will be to receive the Town of Mint Hill to approve and rezone the property. Close on the property, the detailed design must be submitted, and then construction, including a 750 linear feet water main to complete the project.

The second docket item, #ZC21-5 filed by Souder Properties, would allow a rezoning from R to I-G (CD) to develop a new business park located at parcel numbers 137-151-20 at 10905 Blair Road, and parcel number 137-151-22 at 10821 Blair Road. The project would consist of small office and warehouse units up to 800 square feet (150 square feet of office space, 650 feet square feet of warehouse space) per unit to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The third item of interest to residents is the FY ending June 30, 2022 Town of Mint Hill budget was approved by the Commissioners. There will be no tax increase for residential property owners, which under the circumstances over the past year and citizens recovering from the pandemic is good news. Town Manager Brian Welch should be commended for his work in getting this accomplished.

Police Chief accepted a letter from the Mayor to enter into law enforcement assistance agreements.
Police Chief accepted a letter from the Mayor to enter into law enforcement assistance agreements.

The fourth agenda item involved the adoption of a resolution authorizing the Police Chief to enter into law enforcement mutual assistance agreements with other law enforcement agencies. This matter was approved by the Board of Commissioners.

The final item for residents to note would be a presentation made by Robert Cook, AICP from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRPT). Town of Mint Hill Engineer Steve Frey has a seat on the Technical Coordinating Committee representing Mint Hill regarding these important regional transportation matters.

The organization is responsible for establishing mid-term, and long-term transportation and transit initiatives, which include 20- and 50-year plans. They update these plans every four years, which includes multimodal transportation priorities for the next 20 plus years. They currently have 240 roadway projects of which 131 projects are planned for Mecklenburg County, 53 for Union County, and 49 for Iredell County. There is a single joint road project for Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties, and 6 joint projects slated for Mecklenburg and Union Counties.

These roadway projects include road widening, new roads, improvement of existing interchanges, and the construction of new interchanges to improve the flow of traffic and transportation commerce in the surrounding Charlotte area.

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