Massage Sanctuary has new offerings

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For the new year, Lisa Lane, who operates Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill, looks to focus on treating injuries, pain management and ways to help the body heal.

Massage Sanctuary is at 7900 Matthews-Mint Hills Road, Suite 100 and has been around about five years.

“For 2019, I plan to fine tune my business. I think my offerings will be more focused on a program that emphasizes nerve integration with muscular function and soft tissue alignment,” Lane said in an email.

She added that in the new year, her business will put more of an emphasis on the bigger picture.

“Clients can expect to come in, have a more intensive intake where I can get a better assessment of what is going on with their body,” Lane said in the email.

She attended an immersion program taught by James Waslaski recently, which she felt very inspired by. In 2019 she hopes to make her clients’ visits more efficient and progressive. To help with this, she plans to offer homework to clients that includes videos to help them learn stretches they can do between visits and others, Lane said.

For more information or to schedule an appointment visit the Massage Sanctuary website at or call 704-773-6863.

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