Massage Sanctuary continues to grow

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For the locally owned and operated Massage Sanctuary, this holiday season and the upcoming new year are filled with excitement and hope. Business has been booming and they are heading into their next year with no signs of it slowing down. Lisa Lane, owner and lead therapist says business has tripled since she opened almost seven years ago. “I have been very fortunate. Mint Hill has been very good to me and every year has done even better than the previous one.”

Even though the company is small, Lane knows Massage Sanctuary can handle all your therapeutic needs. Lane and her employee, Brian Millen, cover a variety of areas including Neuromuscular work, Medi-Cup, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Training and Orthopedic Massage. Lane is also bringing on a new therapist, Brittany Taylor. Taylor will bring in knowledge of how to work on TMJ Dysfunction and Prenatal massage needs.

Lane explains how adding Taylor to her team will meet a variety of customer requirements. “Our business is based on our clients. We customize time for each individual person. We also emphasize and value our clients’ trust and loyalty. They can come into a comfortable, safe space and know they are in the best hands possible.”

Lane also knows that adding another therapist will open up her business’s availability. Between Lane, Millen, and now Taylor, Massage Sanctuary will be open more hours and more days. “I am very excited to bring options and expertise to my clients.” Lane shares. “Now, when I’m booked out three to four weeks, I can direct someone to another qualified therapist. When I’m not there, Brian and Brittany can be.”

Lane appreciates that the therapeutic massage industry is completely client-focused and that is why she loves it. “I love having my clients, and would love to keep them forever, but I also want them to get better. Hopefully, Massage Sanctuary can be a place where people can come with a real physical need that can be met and solved. If I can turn massage from a regular necessity to an occasional treat, I know I have done my job right.”

What’s next for Massage Sanctuary? Lane has big goals for the future, and she hopes to achieve them in the next year or so. “We want to keep growing. Massage Sanctuary wants to serve the community on a deeper level and for many years to come.”

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