Maple Springs Dental Aims To Be A”One-Stop-Shop” For Patients

Dr. Michael Humphries and the team at Maple Springs Dental
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MINT HILL, NC – If you’re looking for a convenient way to take care of your pearly whites, the arrival of the Maple Springs Dental office in Mint Hill is certainly welcome news. The practice located on Cresswind Boulevard opened in August of this year, though Maple Springs Dental itself has been a fixture for years and now boasts five locations. With this new Mint Hill location, Dr. Michael Humphries, DMD, aims to create an all-inclusive dental practice offering top-notch care.

Maple Springs Dental provides a plethora of services, including everything from routine cleanings and fillings to more involved dental work, like bridges, root canals, dentures, and even orthodontia. 

“The biggest piece of feedback from our patients is that we’re a one-stop-shop. We don’t have to refer out to specialists,” Dr. Humphries explains.

Beyond offering his patients next-level convenience, Dr. Humphries is also focused on easing any nerves that a person might have as they step into the practice for the first time.

“We know that no one really loves coming to the dentist,” Dr. Humphries says with a laugh. “We try to make it as comfortable as possible. That starts with the moment you walk in, when you’re greeted with a warm, authentic smile. We try to treat you like you’re a member of our own family as soon as we start working. Patient comfort and the overall outcome are our top priorities.”

If a bit of pre-dental hesitation feels familiar to you, know that you’re not alone.  “Unfortunately, dental phobias are very real and are just unavoidable for some patients. If a patient has had a bad experience in the past and now has some anxiety, we treat them with extra comfort so that they see that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a negative thing,” Dr. Humphries says.

Beyond getting joy out of creating a soothing experience for his patients, Dr. Humphries says the field’s fast-paced nature is another major factor that initially drew him to his profession.

“I’ve always been someone who can’t sit still,” he says.  “I love working with my hands and tinkering, so a hands-on profession like dentistry, I just love it. No two days are the same. I love that every patient is different, every day is different, and even every tooth is different.”

Though Dr. Humphries is fairly new to the Mint Hill community, he’s actually a native of Charlotte. He graduated from Myers Park High School before heading on to attend UNC-Chapel Hill. 

“Though I was born and raised here, Charlotte’s pretty big, so I hadn’t had much experience with Mint Hill when I was growing up. I love that I’m getting that experience now. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming. We’ve loved getting to meet members of the community,” he says.

Lastly, Dr. Humphries encourages all community members, regardless of age or dental history, to invest in their own dental care. That means getting a cleaning and exam every six months and, yes, flossing.

“I know that everybody would love for a dentist to say that you don’t have to floss. But it really is so important. It reaches areas that a toothbrush just can’t, especially between the gums. Flossing helps prevent cavities, gum disease, and bone loss,” he says.

If you’re someone who keeps trying and failing to make flossing a regular part of your oral hygiene, Dr. Humphries has a suggestion to keep in mind.  “It can be a hard habit to start, but once you begin, it’s an easy habit to keep. I’ve read that it takes 21 days of doing something repeatedly to form a habit. I’d say for the next three weeks, force yourself to floss. After that, it really will become second nature,” he says.

Maple Springs Dental offers free consultations to first-time patients. If you’re looking for a new provider or just have questions (maybe about flossing!) Dr. Humphries says he and his team would love to welcome you in.

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