Local Firefighters With Huge Hearts

Photo by Jake Faires
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MINT HILL, NC – The Mint Hill Fire Department is well-known for its outstanding service and focus on the community outside of the emergency services they provide.  The Mint Hill Fire Department is a family-oriented and amazing group of people that works hard each day to serve their community.

Shift C including Jake Faires at a home
Photo by Jake Faires

Jake Faires and Shift C are an outstanding group of firefighters. Each call they respond to is handled with extra care and support. They treat each citizen calling in like one of their own family members or friends.  Many people don’t realize that a firefighter’s duty includes more than going to put out fires. One of the many services that the Mint Hill Fire Department offers is fire alarm checks. These checks include testing and a change of batteries. It is a service that not only keeps everyone in your home safe but also should be included in your 6-month good maintenance upkeep with your home.

But Mint Hill’s firefighters often go above and beyond even their auxiliary duties.  One afternoon, Shift C received a call from Bobby Long. Mr. Long is well-known throughout the Mint Hill community as a World War II veteran and one of the founding members of the Mint Hill Fire Department.  When Shift C received the call, Mr. Long was requesting assistance with his fire alarm maintenance. He needed the batteries changed and to make sure all alarms were in good working order. As Shift C arrived at the home and completed the call, they noticed that Mr. Long’s flag pole display could use some care.

Shift C hard at work
Photo by Jake Faires

Upon returning to the station the team began to talk.  They knew what they wanted to do and quickly pulled the resources together. Shift C purchased a new pole, flag, and light for Mr. Long’s display. Without even the knowledge of Mr. Long, the team went out to his home and repaired his flag pole. They felt adding a light to the display would let the light of the pride Mr. Long has for his country and community shine night and day. Booby was very grateful for the surprise. It just “tickled” him that this group of outstanding service members would go out of their way to honor and serve him. This is just one example of the greatness that the Mint Hill Fire Department is made of.

Shift C at Mr. Long's standing in front of flagpole.
Photo by Jake Faires

During an interview with Jake, he mentioned several times the wonderful people that he has an opportunity to work with at the Fire Department.  Each of them was born and raised in Mint Hill, and they serve their community with pride knowing that they are invested in their careers serving the people of the town. That’s what makes Mint Hill special.  The number of selfless and talented people right here is truly a “hometown” success story that all of us can be proud to be a part of.

We thank each and every one of the Mint Hill Fire Department members for their dedication, service, and time.

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