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Photos by Vintner’s Hill
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MINT HILL, NC – Restaurants around our town are special places to us all. From making memories with family and friends to enjoying amazing food, these dining spots are significant to us for one reason or another. Each of these restaurants around town has wonderful owners and experienced staff that are proudly serving us meals. Serving those meals does take the entire team to make happen, but it all starts with the chef. A chef plays one of the most instrumental roles in making sure that those tastebuds go wild each time you have a meal from there. Over the last year, the food service industry has struggled. Closures, food shortages, and staffing issues continue to impact them, but these Chefs are not stopping. Through it all, they have prevailed in making sure that they stay safe, serve, and stay open.

Michelle & Howard Hitch cock owners of Vintner’s Hill
Michelle & Howard Hitch cock owners of Vintner’s Hill. Photos by Vintner’s Hill

Looking for an upscale wine bar with some elegant eats? The Kitchen Team at Vintner’s Hill is ready to serve you. Each of the members of the Kitchen Team plays an instrumental role in providing patrons with foods that are perfectly paired with a variety of hand-selected boutique wines. Whether by the glass or by the bottle there is so much to enjoy.  At Vintner’s Hill, the Kitchen Team works to create food that is inspired by the senses to bring together a full experience. They love creating, eating, and sharing new ideas for the menu, but when it comes down to their favorite eats, the team enjoys their signature flatbreads. The entire team at Vintner’s Hill takes great pride in serving high-quality food that everyone loves. This is a place to sit down and enjoy what the full wine bar experience is. Make sure you are ready to relax, taste, and sip the evening away. “Vintner’s Hill takes great pride in being part of the Mint Hill Community, sharing our love of great food and wine with all of our friends and neighbors,” proudly said owners Michelle and Howard Hitchcock. Check out their menu at https://www.vintnershill.com/.

Janet Muller the Chef at Big Guy’s Pizza
Janet Muller the Chef at Big Guy’s Pizza. Photos by Big Guy’s Pizza
Toddler standing next to 28 inch pizza
Photo by Big Guy’s Pizza

If you are looking for a pizza bigger than your toddler, then make sure to visit Janet Muller, owner and chef at Big Guy’s Pizza. Janet is an amazing Italian chef that comes to our community from New York. Big Guys has been a part of the Mint Hill community for over 15 years. Her family loves to cook, and after many years of cooking and working together at home to prepare large weekly dinners, when her husband saw the business come up for sale many years ago, they knew it was the perfect fit for their Mom, Janet, to pour her love into. Everything that Janet makes is made with love and from scratch. The restaurant features amazing housemade Italian dressing, a traditional marinara (Janet’s mother’s recipe), and true Italian meals made the traditional way. One of Janet’s favorite meals to make is penne alla vodka. Call in an order and stop by and visit Janet at Big Guy’s Pizza for curbside service. She is cooking up wonderful meals each day from high-quality ingredients that make the tastebuds happy. Check out the full menu for Big Guys Pizza at http://www.bigguyspizza.net/.

Joel and Anna White
Joel and Anna White. Photots by Wayback Burgers
Kitchen at Wayback Burger
Kitchen at Wayback Burger. Photos by Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers is one of the best places in town to grab a burger and fries. Their menu does offer much more from Chefs and Owners Joel and Anna White, but hands down their burgers are one of the tastiest in town. The Whites opened Wayback Burgers after they fell in love with their products. After visiting a restaurant location, they knew they had a true passion to learn more about the company. They then flew to Connecticut to connect with the main company. Once there, the couple had the opportunity to learn more about the products. They instantly knew Wayback Burgers was the perfect fit for them. As chefs, the couple loves picking the Limited Time Offer, where they pair a burger and a beverage. It truly showcases the amazing menu that they have to offer the community. One of their favorites on the menu is a Cheesy burger. This burger comes with two fresh-grilled patties topped with four slices of cheese placed between a golden grilled bun. Check out what’s on the menu and more at their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WaybackBurgersMintHillNC.

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