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Local author, Rick McEntee
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Mint Hill has a new author to count among it’s citizens.  Rick McEntee, a resident of our local community has recently teamed up with his friend and neighbor, Bran Wilson to bring to life a new addition to the offerings of titles in children’s literature.

An Elementary Education graduate of Temple University in Pennsylvania, McEntee had the opportunity to create Hamel The Camel, as part of his program requirements.  While the assignment was to provide a fun and interactive lesson to a group of second graders, it serendipitous became so much more in the hands of McEntee.

Set on helping six and seven year olds understand the complex biological classifications of the animal kingdom, Rick brought to life Hamel; a “smart and curious” young Camel who is looking for an animal called a “mammal”.

Little Hamel meets one critter after another, each with a distinct set of features, as he continues on his journey in search of this elusive mammal. He comes across a butterfly, a goldfish, a frog and a turtle- all of which tell Hamel that they aren’t what he’s searching for, but suggest someone else who may be able to help.

Finally, curious camel, Hamel, returns to his mother.  And sure enough, as mothers so often do, Hamel’s mother solves her son’s dilemma, pointing out that the very thing he’s been searching for- a mammal- was right there all along, as a warmblooded, milk drinking animal, like a camel, is in fact a mammal!  Hamel IS a mammal!

Introducing children to terminology and concepts of classifications such as “insect”, “amphibian”, “reptile”, and “mammal”, Hamel the Camel is well at home in the genre of learning literature that now dominates the playrooms and classrooms of america’s youngsters.  The book is most appropriate for children ages three to eight, but is a fun and delightful choice for any child.  The illustrations of the book, done by Bran Wilson, are cute, thoughtful and colorful.  Wilson and McEntee’s adorable collaboration is certainly greater than the sum of its parts, with the paring of the two talented minds.

Hamel the Camel is self published, and can be found on Rick’s website,, and also on Amazon.  The book is available as both an eBook, as well as in paperback for about $10.  If you would like to take advantage of being part of the Mint Hill community and have your book personalized and signed by the author, you can keep your eyes peeled for Rick at upcoming festivals in the spring and summer.  McEntee plans to attend Matthews Alive, Mint Hill Madness, and other happenings, where he will have his endearing children’s story for sale and be available to sign your copy.

Recently he held his inaugural book signing at Pour 64, where he was available to meet and chat with children and their parents.  The Mint Hill Times was there to check it out.

McEntee and Hamel the Camel can also be found on Facebook, Snapchat and Pintrest.

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