Kiwanis Club Annual Golf Outing Fundraising Event

Jeff Harris, Mike Cochrane, Darrall Simmons, Brandon Banister. (Ed Berti)

The Seventh Annual Mint Hill Kiwanis Club Golf Tournament was recently held on August 7th at the Emerald Lake Golf Club off Lawyers Road.

The golf tournament is a fundraiser to raise money for our local community schools and youth organizations connected with the schools.  Currently the Kiwanis Club sponsors the Terrific Kids programs at Bain Elementary, Clear Creek Elementary, J.H. Gunn Elementary and Lebanon Road Elementary.

Macy, David Jr., Patti, David Zelch and Chris Laird. (Ed Berti)

Last year in 2017 the tournament was able to raise $1000 for each school to purchase supplementary reading books, dictionaries, including any other material and supplies the schools may need to help provide a quality education for their students.  They also support the Aktion Club of Mecklenburg, which is a club for developmentally challenged adults.

Golfers Gill Rushing, Bill Parker, Bill Milligan and M. Milligan. (Ed Berti)

The Independence High School Key Club is also sponsored by the Mint Hill Kiwanis Club and last year the club provided four $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors who qualified for receiving the funds.  Also, the organization will offer and support other programs that are brought to their attention that fits into their mission statement.

The Raffle Table. (Ed Berti)

Brad Simmons, President who provides leadership, coordination and promotes the annual event was very proud to receive excellent support this year for the 2018 golf tournament from the local area business community.  “We reached our target goal which is very satisfying,” said Simmons.  “The commitment from our sponsors in both the business community and generous local citizens is amazing and much appreciated.  It’s all for a good cause and the contributions do make a difference for our youngsters living in the area.”

Beth Hamrick, Melisa Fields, Carlos Nazario, Welcome and Registration desk. (Ed Berti)

The Kiwanis Club is a global organization made up of citizen volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of children and communities.  It is a service organization committed to serving children, seniors, local communities including our nation and the world.

Volunteers Jennifer Manchester and Sara Melody. (Ed Berti)

If anyone is interested in joining the Mint Hill Kiwanis Club please contact Brad Simmons at 704-579-2977 or e-mail Brad@LogoPros.US.