Indy’s Tristan McCullum scores a touchdown

Tristan McCullum (70) leads his team onto the field. (Ron Morris)
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Tristan McCullum, a special needs student who has served as the team manger, suited up Friday night and led his team onto the field.

After warming up, Garinger’s defense and Indy’s offense lined up for the play from scrimmage. The snap went to quarterback Shai Wheeler who handed off to Tristan McCullum.  Tristan took the hand off and ran off tackle with Indy’s offensive line leading the way.  Tristan followed his team mates and ran all the way for the touchdown.

After the score, the Garinger players joined the Patriots in the end zone as both teams celebrated Tristan’s touchdown.

A big shout out to both Garinger and Independence for this special memory.  And folks that is what high school sports is all about.  Way to go guys.

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