Independence AFJROTC holds panel on recruitment

LTC Jeffrey Jenkins making a point during panel discussion. (Ed Berti)
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The AFJROTC Program at Independence High School recently arranged a panel of military recruiters from all the branches to discuss the options available to students who might have an interest in military service.  The panel discussed both enlisted and officer options available and how to best prepare to enter into the armed forces.

Active Military members on the panel. (Ed Berti)

Some important questions and concerns were addressed by the guest panel and the moderator Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Jenkins, the Brigade Commander at the school.  The JROTC students expressed interest in certain topics which include the following:

  • Military entrance requirements
  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test (ASVAB)
  • Boot Camp expectations and after graduation
  • What are the minimum service requirements by military branch
  • Salary and benefits available
  • Bonus programs available
  • Military job opportunities open to recruits
  • What is the delayed entrance program

The recruiters discussed the particulars pertaining to each branch of the service they represent.  A lot of emphasis and focus was based on preparation, eligibility and various career options available to recruits once they are in the military.  Therefore, the recruiters zoned in on important factors any new recruit should be concerned about prior to making a commitment.

  • Understand eligibility and military life
  • Select the right service fit for you and what you want to accomplish
  • Fully understand your enlistment contract
  • Understand the jobs you are eligible for based on testing and needs
  • How to get the best benefits package available
  • Prepare for basic training and a military career
  • Differences between enlisted members and officers
  • Education, training and certifications available to military members
  • Participating JROTC students in the classroom. (Ed Berti)

There were three enlisted recruiters and two officer recruiters in attendance who all gave an interesting perspective on their specific military branch and what their various programs can offer those who want to serve.  The discussions were open and realistic and seemed to be beneficial for the JROTC students who were involved in the event.  “This was our first attempt to bring recruiters to the students in an open forum to ask direct questions.  We want students to obtain a better understanding if the military is a good alternative, or fit for them as individuals and for a potential career,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jenkins.

From this writers perspective the panel sessions accomplished their objective and it appears to be a worthwhile endeavor that should be held again in the future.  It seemed everyone walked away with some beneficial information to make better and more informed decisions.

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