Independence AFJROTC Annual Awards And Recognition Ceremony

Cadet MSgt Lilly Todd and Mom celebrate receiving the American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award.
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MINT HILL, NC – The AFJROTC Squadron at Independence High School had their 2021-2022 Annual Awards Ceremony celebrating their cadets who have earned recognition for excellence. These awards are given to selected cadets whose hard work, dedication, and commitment to being the best they can be in the program in the areas of academics, military preparedness, leadership, community service, and many other positive aspects of the program that builds character, teamwork, and self-discipline.

Aerospace Instructors SMSgt. Lolita Paterson and MSgt. Romain Bell
Aerospace Instructors SMSgt. Lolita Paterson and MSgt. Romain Bell

This academic school year honors go to the following cadets:

Director of Military Instruction Certificate of Commendation – Cadet Colonel Calvin Saia

CMS JROTC Leadership Excellence Award for NC022 – Cadet Lt Colonel Andrew Whetstone

CMS JROTC Scholastic Excellence Award for NC-022 – Cadet Captain Ava Son

CMS Excellence in Citizenship Award for NC-022 – Cadet Major David Yagodzinskiy

The Non-Commissioned Officer Association Award – Cadet Luke Von Kaenel


Aerospace Science (AS 100) – Cadet MSgt Lily Todd, Cadet Katherine Kafitz

Aerospace Science (AS 200) – Cadet Amanda Baez

Aerospace Science (AS 300) – Cadet Alyssa Bui/ Cadet Luke Von Kaenel

Aerospace Science (AS 400) – Cadet Calvin Saia

Distinguished Cadet Award –   Cadet Andrew Whetstone

Air Force Association Award – Cadet Calvin Saia

American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award – Cadet Lilly Todd

American Legion Military Excellence Award – Cadet Andrew Whetstone

Daedalian Award – Cadet Berina Rucic

Daughters of the American Revolution Award – Cadet Ava Son

The Military Officers Association of America Award – Cadet Abigail Cholewinski

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Association Award – Cadet Camilla Alonzo

Change of Command from Cadet Colonel Colon Saia to Cadet Lt. Colonel Andrew Whetstone.
Change of Command from Cadet Colonel Colon Saia to Cadet Lt. Colonel Andrew Whetstone.

Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction Award – Cadet Rebecca Dean/ Cadet Charles Robison

The Sons of the American Revolution Award – Cadet Andrew Whetstone

The Tuskegee Airmen Award – Cadet MSgt Savannah Silva/Cadet Miles Benson

The Air Commando Award – Cadet Alexander Martinez

The Mint Hill Times would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all these fine young cadets for their outstanding achievements.

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