Honoring Chaplain Albert Leath

Photos by Paul Imirie
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MINT HILL, NC – Chaplain Albert Leath is no stranger to the Mint Hill community. He has been proudly serving our community for nearly two decades. The dedication and honor that he brings to the town make for one of the strongest souls that the world could ever meet. He is a man that stands strong in his faith. He has been able to serve with the Mint Hill Fire and Police Department as their Chaplain since 2003. In fact, he is the only person that has ever held this position. He proudly joined the Mint Hill Police Department when they formed and since has held the position as the Chaplain for the town when the people need him most. His dedication to serving a community with the selfless act of serving as a Chaplain for both the Police and Fire Department has been our honor.

Chaplain Leath says, “Nobody wants to see me coming.” The fact of the matter is, no one wants to see him coming because of the possible sad news he may share, but the reality is the soul that this man carries has been sent to hold people up when they are in a time of need. That truly takes a man of greatness in the world especially to hold that position for a whole town of people. It is admirable what it takes to be able to serve our community in the ways that he does. His role as a counselor and a bereavement liaison allows him to help citizens deal with life-changing news.

Chaplin Leath completing a training exercise with prop included
Photos by Paul Imirie

That this community has had Chaplain Leath there to hold us up when we needed it most has been our honor, but Mr. Leath served many communities before ours. He has been dedicated to his faith for many decades. We proudly get to say that he had the honor of spending nearly the last 20 years with him serving us, but all great stories have to start somewhere. His story began in Asheville, NC, where he was born and raised. Once he completed high school he moved on to college then to complete his education at Southeastern Seminary where he holds a BD Degree. After graduation, he served as a Chaplain for a church in High Point, while also pursuing joining the Army. At that time, there was a two-year freeze; as he waited, Albert decided to join the National Guard where he served as a Chaplain for 28 years. During that time he was honored to serve as the State Chaplain where he carried the huge responsibility of ensuring that all districts in the entire state were covered with services. It takes a man of great strength and mental stamina to be able to hold a position of that nature. Our country honors you for your dedication.

After his time serving for the National Guard, Albert served as a Chaplain for many churches across the states – High Point, Durham, Graham, Cherryville, and Charlotte – serving each of those churches for nearly eight years. Then went on to hold his final Chaplain position in Eastern Hills where after serving 15 years he retired from holding positions as a Church Chaplain. Then in 2002 when his son David took the position of the Fire Department Chief, Albert was asked to serve as the Chaplin until they could find someone.  The history book wrote itself there and we have had the honor of Chaplin Leath serving us ever since. Even when Mint Hill was providing their own ambulance services, Albert was there to serve.

As the Chaplain, he has held this community together for many years; like all good things, they do retire, and that is exactly what Albert’s next mission in life is. Retirement. Chaplain Albert Leath says he is “truly honored to be recognized as a part of such a wonderful community.” As the years have passed, he has had the opportunity to sit back and watch a wonderful community grow within the town and also with leadership roles. It has been an amazing opportunity to watch such a great place grow. He is proud of the community that welcomes people with open arms. To honor Chaplain Leath in his retirement and for his service to our community, he will be the Grand Marshall for the upcoming Christmas Parade. We ask that everyone join together and raise a “wave” as he passes by during the parade to thank him. 

The Mint Hill Times and the community thank you, Chaplain Albert Leath. Happy Retirement!

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