Great Turn Out For Turning Point Golf Tournament

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CHARLOTTE – A community that can come together like ours says a lot about the type of people that we are. The days of coming together and supporting a great cause are still a part of this wonderful place we call home. Our community members coming together for a great cause and creating great success is a true testament to the recent Turning Point Golf Tournament that was held at the Rolling Hills Country Club on Monday, October 4. The measure of success of the tournament not only comes from the money that was raised but also the wonderful experience that each person was able to take away from the event. From the perfect weather to the delicious food, the tournament was a day to remember for everyone that was there to enjoy it.

Charity golf launcher participate
Photos by Turning Point, Inc.

The tournament was able to raise $34,005 for Turning Point, a local organization that helps provide safe shelter and resources that are life-saving to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. These funds are able to go back to help our local community and neighbors. The number of victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse is on the rise since the start of COVID-19, and these funds will be put back into the community to direcly help people in our own neighborhoods. 

Ladies of Turning Point, Inc.
Photos by Turning Point, Inc.

Success is where 23 teams of 4 golfers can come together and have a wonderful day golfing, smiling, and enjoying the sun while supporting a great cause. During the course of the day, the breakfast that was donated by Metro Diner was well-appreciated by all that participated in the event. Without the many donations from sponsors for the food and raffle prizes, the event would not have been possible. 

1st - Congratulations to the City of Monroe, our first-place winners
Photos by Turning Point, Inc.
2nd - Congratulations to Victory Foundation, our second-place winners.
Photos by Turning Point, Inc.

Events of this nature are a great way for friends, families, and work colleagues to get together and spend a day full of activities. Each of the people that works, volunteers, and participates in the golf tournament is passionate about the Turning Point’s cause and is there for a reason. Turning Point is very appreciative that the community comes together and makes sure their event is a success. It is a great way to make such a huge impact for an organization that cares so much about the community. 

Sponsors - Thank you to our generous 2021 Annual Golf Tournament sponsors.
Photos by Turning Point, Inc.

“We are so humbled by the way that our community shows up for us every year,” says Jessie Lindberg, M.S. Executive Director of Turning Point.  “Our sponsors and participants don’t just come out to play golf; they genuinely care about our mission and the people that we serve.  A successful event like this sends a clear message to our clients that our community has their back during such a difficult time in their life, and for that, we are so grateful.” 

Turning Point wants to extend a special THANK YOU to the sponsors of the event.

  • Ben and Carol Williams
  • Robbins & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc
  • Truist
  • Victory Foundation
  • CarolinaPEO, Inc.
  • Sodoma Law
  • College Admission Strategies
  • Helms Heating and Air
  • Somersworth Nissan
  • State Utility
  • Spivey Insurance
  • State Farm – John Moody
  • Prism Properties and Development
  • Steve and Karen Thompson Family Charitable Fund
  • Assa Abloy
  • Eagle Engineering
  • Sports to You
  • RNA Turf
  • Lehnhardt, Price Family Law

Along with a very special THANK YOU to the sponsors that donated food, snacks, drinks, and raffle prizes.

  • Sanna Tucker
  • Southern Range Brewery
  • Metro Diner
  • Pepsi
  • Annette Baker
  • Hatcher Law Group
  • Mario’s Italian Restaurant
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Olive Garden
  • Mac’s Speed Shop
  • 105 Cigar Co.
  • Alice Jules Coffeehouse
  • Dream Chasers Brewery
  • Golf Etc. Tech Studio
  • Chick-fil-A
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