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CHARLOTTE – This week has been trying. I think the fact that our world seems to be in such chaos has finally caught up with me. When the changes don’t always seem positive, then I think it’s only natural to feel like this sometimes.

There’s nothing like counting your blessings to shed a different light. First of all, my clients are constant and consistent blessings. They see the value in massage and for this, I’m very grateful. They, family, friends, and this community have built and supported my business.

I’m also reminded that the only constant changes. Why don’t you challenge yourself as I have, and embrace those changes if you can find the will to do so? I’ve watched friends lose loved ones in the past few weeks and my heart aches for them. Some were clients and I’m grateful for having been a part of their journey, even if it’s for 60 minutes once every few months.

Where does massage fit into this? I’d say it’s a gift you give yourself. Whether the gift is that you want to feel better, reduce your stress or temporarily escape…well, those are gifts to yourself. You’re honoring yourself. And they can even honor someone who is no longer in your life. Making a promise to their spirit that you will live life to its fullest, or that you’ll doing things for yourself to improve your mental health and physical health can be the best thing you do this week. Think about it.

-Lisa Lane is a Licensed Massage Therapist (#13098) in Mint Hill. Contact Lisa at (704) 773-6863 and leave a voicemail or send a text.

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