Grannies Carting Grannies helps seniors through the holidays

Sandy Webb
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When Sandy Webb retired in August, she knew one thing for certain: a life of sitting at home knitting and crocheting wasn’t for her.

Retirement represented a huge lifestyle change for Webb, who owned a salon in Mint Hill for forty years.  “All of a sudden, you sit at home,” says Webb. “I had things to do, but I needed more. I needed to be with people.”   Like many recent retirees, Webb didn’t want another full time job, but she knew she wanted and needed to do something.

“In my business, I’ve seen the need for caretakers for the older generation,” says Webb.  “I started to think, hm, that may be something that I’d like to do!” With her son, Webb came up with the idea of Grannies Carting Grannies.

Webb is available to assist seniors with a variety of tasks in the Mint Hill area: running errands, getting to and from appointments, dining out or even staying at home to play games.  Today, many adult children of the elderly have families and full time jobs of their own and simply can’t provide all the help and care their aging parents need. Not a nurse or CNA, Webb feels her new business fills this void, providing extra assistance and companionship to the elderly.

Webb prefers the term “buddy” to the more often-used but clinical “caregiver.”  “When you ‘take care’ of the older generation, they immediately think you’re taking away their independence,” says Webb.  “That way it doesn’t sound like they’re incapable of being by themselves or taking care of themselves.” As a “buddy,” Webb keeps the tone of her services positive.

For Webb herself, Grannies Carting Grannies allows her the flexibility to enjoy her retirement while staying involved.  “I have been active all my life,” says Webb, remembering her own mother. “Even in a wheelchair, she’d say, ‘Where are we going?  What are we doing?’ She was active to the very end.”

Webb prefers to focus on assisting the elderly, but she is available to care for younger charges as well.  “This is not just exclusive to ‘grannies,’” says Webb. “I can help with children, also. Helping elderly people is my first choice because I think they need more stimulation with people, but I’m here for anybody.”

Webb hopes she can be of help to Mint Hill’s elder generation in this busy holiday season.  “I love to shop!” says Webb. “I can help them wrap their holiday gifts. I can help them with their Christmas card mailing.  If they live alone, I can help them decorate the house, which I love to do.”

If you or a loved one needs a buddy this holiday season, call Grannies Carting Grannies.

If you or a loved one need help during this busy holiday season, call Grannies Carting Grannies: 704-726-9300.  Sandy would be more than happy to help!

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