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Photos by Bright Blessings
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CHARLOTTE – This is a revised version of the Bright Blessings story previously printed. These programs have been developed and work together in such a special way that we wanted to correct the information previously provided and make sure that the dedication of this organization is displayed with great pride.

Bright Blessings is an organization that is serving our community and communities in the surrounding area. The organization started its first program to be able to provide children staying at the Salvation Army Center of Hope with gifts and a party on their birthdays. The design of the program was to be able to brighten the lives of children that were living in tough situations that may not be able to provide them with a birthday gift or party. It also instilled in them the love and commitment that our community has for its youth members. Over the years, Bright Blessings has developed into a huge service project that is able to provide programs to our local youth. Since the start of the program, Bright Blessings has been able to cover 100,000 children in our local communities. In the past year, 2020, they were able to bless and brighten the day for 35,851 children.

Child receiving gift from Bright Blessings
Photos by Bright Blessings

Bright Blessings is a volunteer-driven organization that focuses on serving impoverished and homeless children all over our area. Currently, they are serving six counties including Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, Gaston, Iredell, and York along with partnering with over 30 local agencies to provide services not only to children living in shelters. They also serve local school districts with supplies to directly help children that are in need of essential items. Each year over 7500 volunteers come together to make these wonderful programs happen for the children.

Bright Blessings’ wonderful programs are able to provide for children that are in need. Children living in impoverished and homeless conditions typically experience poor living conditions, inadequate health and hygiene care, and poor nutrition. Together these elements can cause physical, emotional, and academic struggles. Bright Blessings has created 4 service programs that work together to combat the effects of their environment. The programs promote self-esteem, provide hygiene and essential items, and literacy items to children that are in need. Each program is designed to work with other programs along with stand-alone services that serve the child’s specific needs.

Children enjoying Bless A Birthday program
Photos by Bright Blessings

Bless A Birthday is a program designed to help struggling families with a day that they can remember. The program provides children at shelters that have a birthday in that month with a party. All children in the hosting shelter along with the birthday month children are invited. All decorations, games, crafts, gifts, and goody bags are provided by Bright Blessings. Cupcakes and the meal are provided by wonderful volunteers. Volunteers have the opportunity to join in and share in the celebration, creating a wonderful and exciting experience for all. The program also makes sure that each child with a birthday that month receives a gift along with providing an experience for all the children in the shelter to enjoy together with crafts, snacks, and more. The program is also designed to serve children in need at our local schools with a special birthday gift. The gifts are assembled at Bright Blessings and then delivered weekly by a volunteer delivery driver. This program has been a huge success and served many children with smiles.

Bless A Baby helps families that are expecting a baby with essential items for newborns. Every Blessing Bag that Bright Blessings prepares and delivers is tailored to the needs of each individual child and provides all of the new basics that babies need. All of the gifts are provided to newborns with love and support from Bright Blessings. A positive start to life is what each baby deserves, and this wonderful program is providing that experience one bag at a time.

Gift Of Care is designed to provide children who are currently experiencing impoverished and homelessnesswith basic essential items. Good hygiene and health are huge factors in the emotional and physical development of children. This program was designed to be able to provide children with full-sized hygiene products, snacks, and stuffed animals. These kits are provided to local schools and agencies to be able to provide the child with the kit when needed. If a teacher or caregiver sees the need, they are able to provide the child with the kit to take home that day. This program is also designed to serve children that are living in shelters and is provided to each birthday child during their Bless A Birthday month. The Gift Of Care is a program that works to serve many children when they need it most.

Child enjoying activity at Bless A Birthday Program
Photos by Bright Blessings

Gift Of Literacy program provides children with two new books. Each of the programs above also includes the Gift Of Literacy ensuring that each child in need is provided with the gift of reading. This program works to give each birthday gift recipient two new books that are grade-level appropriate. Also, every toddler bag and the baby bag also receive two books designed for their age. The program has also created Pre-K literacy kits that are filled with new books, educational games and toys, and more. These items help instill a love of learning at an early age. These kits are distributed to NC Pre-K schools in Union and Gaston counties.

Bright Blessings is an amazing organization that is able to serve children in the local area with its incredible programs. This would not have been possible without volunteers, partnerships, local school districts, and other agencies. They look forward to serving even more children in the coming years. Their service agencies are growing every day, and they will continue to take pride in delivering care and joy to children that are experiencing homelessness and poverty in our area and the surrounding.

For more information on their programs or how you can help please visit

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