Getting to know Mayor-Elect Brad Simmons

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On Tuesday, November 5, Mint Hill voters chose Brad Simmons as their new mayor!

Residents of Mint Hill since 1984, Simmons and his wife have raised two children here, one of whom is now raising two of Simmons’ grandsons in the town he is proud to call home.  A strong believer in leading by serving others, Simmons has served Mint Hill in numerous capacities in his 35 years here. Simmons brings to the mayor’s office 13 years of leadership at Mint Hill Athletic Association, 14 years with the Mint Hill Park and Recreation Committee, 6 years with the current Mint Hill Planning Board and 8 years supporting schools as an active member of the Mint Hill Kiwanis Club.

Simmons believes his many years of leadership and service will help him to lead a community faced with inevitable change.  “The reality is our town is next to one of the fastest-growing cities in the country,” says Simmons. “Growth is inevitable. It is my goal as mayor to make sure it’s the type of growth we benefit from economically, socially and aesthetically.”

“I understood early that the primary concern in this year’s mayoral race was how we, as a community, would be tasked with shaping the inevitable change our town faces,” continues Simmons.  “I felt very strongly that Mint Hill needed a mayor who has shown leadership and dependability and is involved in service to the Mint Hill community. I knew our town needed a responsive voice to work collaboratively with local and state agencies. I am dedicated to keeping Mint Hill the great town I’ve always known it to be and I believe with the support of our amazing community, it will only get better.”

Simmons also brings to the mayor’s office twenty years of experience as a small business owner.  He and his wife are the owners of Logo Pros, a corporate apparel company primarily focused on embroidery and screen printing.  “Now a multifaceted company, Logo Pros enables customers to grow and succeed through the use of Company Stores, Safety Programs, Fulfillment Programs, Corporate Apparel and more,” says Simmons.  “While our services have expanded over the last decade, two things have not changed: Our commitment to helping our customers reach the results that they desire and providing premium products and services.”

Simmons takes over for Ted Biggers, who served as Mint Hill’s mayor for ten full terms.  As the first newcomer to the mayor’s office in two decades, Simmons plans to build on the legacy left by Biggers.  “Ted Biggers’ is undoubtedly one of the best mayors our town has had,” he says. “I plan to ensure continued support for our veterans, Boy Scouts, arts and the Mint Hill Historical Society as Mayor Biggers prioritized. Additionally, as the technology we currently have was unavailable when he took office, I plan to use what we have now to our advantage.”  On his list of immediate concerns to address are updating the town website, streaming board meetings, leveraging social media and creating a weekly email for happenings at town hall.

Simmons biggest goal as mayor is to work with the community transparently, gathering input from citizens and ensuring that input guides the direction of Mint Hill as it continues to grow.  “There are several important action items, such as updating the master plan, transitioning the fire department, ensuring the police department has all of the resources it needs to continue providing safety to our town, and more,” says Simmons.  “I plan to begin working with our citizens, service departments and stakeholders to implement a plan to successfully move forward.”

Perhaps most importantly, Simmons brings to the mayor’s office a deep and genuine love for this town we all call home.  “What makes Mint Hill so special is the sense of neighborhood and community. Not only do we have great community events and traditions, like Mint Hill Madness and the Christmas tree lighting, but people in Mint Hill always find a way to step up and help or support one another,” says Simmons  “I have always had a desire to serve others and am so incredibly humbled to be elected to serve the Town of Mint Hill as mayor. I love our town!”

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