Get Tax Refund Faster 2020

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CHARLOTTE – As a taxpayer, you are looking for easy ways to receive your refund from both the IRS and your state.  Here are the fastest ways to receive your refund this tax season.

So, Let’s Get To It . . .

First, why would you want your refund so fast? Just like the rest of us, we will use those funds to pay the outstanding credit card bills from Christmas or to put a down payment on a house, car, motorcycle or RV. Some will use their refund to purchase that bigger-than-life TV. A small group of people will put those funds in a Money Market Account, IRA, or a vacation savings fund for their world cruise in the coming years.

Whatever your “why” may be, it’s your money, and you want it now!

No worries because you are in luck. There are many ways to receive your tax refund from various tax agencies across America. Most National Brand Tax Companies will offer a program called “Instant Refund.” *These are actually short-term loans offered by the National Brand Tax Companies against your expected tax refund from the IRS. This is usually offered to Low-Income Tax-Payers or people who really want their refund TODAY because March Madness is in full bloom!

The most common way to receive a fast refund is the Direct Deposit method. This is generally for people who aren’t in a “rapid” situation and in which the refund is deposited directly into your bank account. This process usually takes between 8 – 15 days. The time can be shortened depending on your bank. Then there is the turtle method, or snail mail method, which is having your refund mailed to your home. This could take upwards of 8 – 13 weeks.

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Happy Tax Season and Good Luck!!!  Remember, You Can Count On me!


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