Get Me Some Green Moves To New Location

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MINT HILL, NC – Get Me Some Green is now open in a larger location!

If you’re a long-time Get Me Some Green customer, you won’t have to look hard for their new location.  “We literally just hopped right across the parking lot,” says Get Me Some Green Social Media Representative Dani.  “We’re now at 355-1 Matthews Mint Hill Road instead of at 3419.”

Get Me Some Green's new location in Hoods Crossroads
Get Me Some Green’s new location in Hoods Crossroads

The new location boasts 1400 square feet of space, a big improvement over the original location’s 600.  With nearly double the space of the original location, Get Me Some Green now offers two service rooms with Migun beds and PMF mats, allowing them to book twice as many services.  The space allows them to consider adding new services like hot stone massage.

Another factor in the move was access to the stage space at Hoods Crossroads located just outside Get Me Some Green’s new door.  The store plans to string up lights and fence off the “no man’s land,” which sits unused in the back of the parking lot.  “We plan to have live music,” says Dani.  “We want to set up a volleyball court out there, picnic tables, the whole shebang. The space will be for rent, if you want to have a private event.”

After months of COVID-related restrictions, Get Me Some Green has recently resumed their monthly “Coffee Talks.”  Held the third Saturday of every month, these free talks aim to educate consumers.  On Saturday, October 17, owner Heather Wiskes and Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Ken Newbill discussed “Future Focused Fasting.”  Next month’s Coffee Talk will focus on liver health.

Get Me Some Green is also now offering CBD-infused coffees, lattes and cappuccinos made to order daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Self-serve drip coffee is available all day long.  Coffees are half off for the rest of October!

The new space also paves the way for interesting new programming that simply didn’t fit in 600 square feet.  “We’re going to have programs where you can come in, and a live chef will cook for you,” says Dani.  “It will be a CBD-infused meal, and you get to go home with the recipe. You get the live chef training on the spot, and we’re hopefully going to set it up so that you can even take the produce home that you use that night.”

Get Me Some Green’s new location is open 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday.  Keep up with the “Green” news on Facebook @GetMeSomeGreenLLC.

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