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When it comes to health and wellness, Get Me Some Green owner Heather Wiskes is clear: CBD is only one piece of the puzzle.  “Just like when you take a vitamin or you eat healthy or you walk a mile every day – it’s one piece to your total wellness solution,” says Wiskes, who fears that CBD is often mis-marketed as a “cure-all” for a slew of ailments ranging from acne to anxiety and depression.  “Let me be the first to tell you CBD does not cure anything at all,” she continues.  “CBD helps put your body in a state of homeostasis, which allows your body to heal itself naturally, like it was originally intended to do.”

When it comes to CBD, Get Me Some Green is what Wiskes calls “brand agnostic,” eschewing alignment with any one particular brand in favor of stocking the top 2-3% in different categories of product backed by certificates of authenticity.  Because the CBD industry currently lacks standardization and regulation, it can be difficult to know what you’re getting. “You can get a bottle from one company, and it says it’s 300 milligrams, and you test it, and it’s 110 or 560,” says Wiskes.  “We really pride ourselves on carrying brands that demand consistency.”

A quick glance around Get Me Some Green will show that the self-termed neighborhood apothecary is so much more than just CBD – a bit of a shift from when they first opened their doors one year ago.  “When we first opened, it was CBD first, wellness second,” says Wiskes, “and now it’s become the wellness first, CBD second – which is really what we intended it to be in the first place.”

Accordingly, Get Me Some Green offers three unique wellness therapies in the newly enclosed Green Room.  The first is the Infrared Sauna. “We need to have certain spectrums of light in order to heal,” explains Wiskes.  “But in our sedentary life the way we live today, we’re not getting the light we used to.  We’re not getting the exercise we used to, we’re not getting nutrition from our food. Since so much of our food is grown in greenhouses, that food isn’t even getting the light spectrum it needs!  So that’s where red light therapy plays a huge role, which is why we offer it in the wellness space.”

The second treatment offered in the Green Room is the Migun Therapy Bed.  Developed over thirty-five years ago by a Korean scientist attempting to merge many different treatments his wife was undergoing to alleviate pain from a severe car accident, Migun Therapy uses negative ion energy, infrared light and heat to combine elements of chiropractic care and massage therapy.  The only FDA-regulated, medical-grade massage bed on the market, Migun Therapy is a great option for patients between massages or chiropractic appointments or patients who could benefit from either but prefer not to be touched.

The final treatment offered in the Green Room is PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy), which uses electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery process.  “Everyone thinks crystals are hokey pokey, but there’s actually a lot of science behind the energy that crystals release, and how that interacts with your own body’s energy frequency and helps out,” explains Wiskes.

One of Get Me Some Green’s biggest selling points is price.  “We can offer these services for a fraction of the cost that most of these doctors can,” says Wiskes.  Consider, for example, light therapy to treat skin damage or acne. Similar treatment by a dermatologist could cost $500, but Wiskes offers it for between $5 and $15.

“When you say the word ‘wellness’ to someone, they immediately see dollar signs,” says Wiskes.  “We want to challenge the status quo of what wellness looks like for people and say you can have wellness with something as simple as changing a gallon of water you drink a day. The goal here is to look at what can we do in your life to make an immediate impact on your health for as cheaply as humanly possible.”

Although Get Me Some Green offers many alternatives to “Big Pharma,” Wiskes prefers to think of her business as a complement to the medical industry, not a replacement.  “We really try to partner with the medical community, and say, ‘We have things to supplement and complement what you’re offering your clients,’” says Wiskes.  “We can combine the two methodologies together because there’s a place for both in your health.”

We actually will call your physician for you and say, ‘Hey, your patient came in, this is what we’re recommending,’” continues Wiskes.  “We like to work together because we can monitor each and every person individually and make sure the plan that we’re working on together with their practitioners is exactly the right one for them.  Even though CBD and these services work for every biological being, not all formulations and programs and concoctions work for every biological being because we are all still individuals and different.”

Another unique service Get Me Some Green offers is the ZYTO Wellness Scan. A highly accurate and dynamic wellness screening tool, ZYTO technology relies upon an array of biocommunication principles and concepts to generate a 17 to 25 page report that can help you and your clinicians to make more informed health decisions.

“It’s not in place of your doctor,” reminds Wiskes.  “It’s not a roadmap to your health. It’s just like giving a hammer to a contractor. It’s a tool that you can bring to your physicians or bring to the clinicians that you partner with to help them find a more acute way of handling your situation instead of putting you on the bell curve with the rest of America, and we offer that scan for as little as $35.”

Get Me Some Green’s new layout makes space to enjoy live music in the store.

With extended business hours – they’re now open until 8:00 every day – and plans to host live music at least once a month, a “guys group,” a women’s networking group and possibly even occasional farm-to-table dinners, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2020 at Get Me Some Green.  Keep up with the latest news and events @GetMeSomeGreenLLC on Facebook. 

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