Fun Children Activities on a Rainy Day

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CHARLOTTE – Rainy days can turn out to be a tad tiresome when you have little ones stuck at home. This holds particularly true when there is an extended rainstorm and they do not get a chance to release all of their pent-up energy. Let us take a quick look at some of the activities that you and your kids can participate in, on a particularly rainy day:

Hold a Treasure Hunt Indoor

If you are confined to the house and your young ones are making a lot of noise, you can always get them involved in a treasure hunt. Since it is indoors, you have almost unlimited ideas. Door Frames, windowsills, backs of cupboards, beneath the bed, the list is endless. You can also make a list of things that you need for your treasure hunt and get the stuff beforehand. This way, you will be well prepared as and when it rains. With a nice long list in hand, you can keep the young ones busy for a long time. Finally, you can also pack gifts for the winners of the treasure hunt and make them part of the hunt too. You could also reward them with some chicken marsala for lunch after they finish with the treasure hunt. Don’t forget to give each kid a basket, box, or bag to collect their little treasures.

Build a House Fort with Pillows and Blankets

Not all rainy day activities need to involve fancy equipment, time, or newly purchased stuff such as video game consoles. Sometimes the kids need something light and easy to get the most of their rainy day festivities, You may consider building a den out of all of the sofa chairs, cushions, bedroom pillows, and even clothes rack. You can drape sheets and blankets on your construction activities to make a fort. If there is nothing hard in it and it’s all soft pillows and blankets, you can simply topple the fort on them in an ‘earthquake’ sequence.

Use Cardboard Boxes to Make a Home Within a Home

How about saving your cardboard boxes and cartons to create a home inside a home? You can also throw towels on it and seal the sides with duct tape. Throw in a small door and windows and you have a great little house that they can play with for hours.

Story Time for the Little Ones

This is one of the oldest, simplest, and most fun activities you can have on a rainy day. You can weave magical stories on the fly. Alternatively, you can also borrow books from the library during the rainy season and just read them out aloud. It is also a good idea to read the books beforehand and take them as inspiration while you create your own stories. Try to visualize your stories by acting out the characters to liven things up. This could be especially consoling if your family recently lost their pet. In such cases, animal stories could be a meaningful way of celebrating the lives of our faithful companions.

Play Cards

Card games are just loads of fun. We have all played cards at some point in time or the other. It used to be such a good way to while. Well, it still is. You can always teach your children the same games you played when you were their age. Who knows, you might have a little card shark in your family.

Board Games

They are also a great way to while away those idle hours. Games like Monopoly, Snakes and ladders, Cluedo, Ludo, and Risk along with Chess and Checkers are as fun as they were in ages past. Or you might even consider online games if your children think board games are too old school.

Let Them Remodel Your Home for You

You can always engage your children in various home remodeling activities especially when it rains outside. These activities can be anything and everything from painting the walls all the way to decorating the rooms in a style and pattern that they like and so on. Not only will it inspire their creative instincts but also make them feel that they are really accomplishing something great. Which they would be doing so in a very real sense. Just make sure that they don’t work unsupervised since certain chemicals may be harmful if they get in the eyes or the mouth.


You can get your kids to play cards, games or listen to stories or even remodel your home to while away the time on a rainy day. You will be able to have plenty of fun in the process.

Author- Jennifer Monroe

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