From bumpers to intubation boxes – Manufacturer joins the fight against COVID-19

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LANCASTER, SC (April 3, 2020) – As a global leader in the Truck & Jeep Bumper industry, Fab Fours is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation to produce jaw-dropping, rock crawling vehicles, but the Lancaster based business recently made a pivot to produce medical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to support the fight against COVID-19.

On Sunday, March 30th, Fab Fours Founder, Greg Higgs received a phone call from a long time friend, Dr. Brandon Ritz. Dr. Ritz, who is an Emergency Room Doctor in Texas, sent Higgs a link to an open-source intubation box design and desperately asked if Fab Fours could make it and how quickly could he get 5 to his hospital.

Dr. Ritz, like thousands of doctors around the country, is actively Intubating numerous patients a day – some who are known to be COVID-19 positive.  Intubating is a very up close and personal procedure and presents a huge risk to the doctors.

Higgs was emotionally moved by the call, “It’s one thing to hear what’s happening on the news, but when it’s someone you know who is in need of something that you could potentially provide to save a life, it’s profound.” He immediately rallied his workforce and they shipped Dr. Ritz a prototype within 48 hours of the call. As of April 2nd, Dr. Ritz is actively using the device.

Using the existing resources and people currently working at the plant, Fab Fours has the ability to produce over 1,500 intubation boxes a week. Higgs says, “it’s not just about providing life-saving equipment, we also hope to save our workforce. I am desperate to keep my people employed, and doctors are desperate for this solution.  The mission of the day is to now find charitable organizations, grants, or old fashion purchasing agents and medical distributors to connect our new product with the doctors that need them.”

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