Five things you didn’t know about Mint Hill Pharmacy

Come in and meet the Mint Hill Pharmacy team: Dr. Phillip Thornton, Jeanette Thornton, Luke Thornton, Anne Ayers, and Mariam Salib.
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Mint Hill Pharmacy has been serving our community for over a year now. But how well do you really know this business – who the people behind the counter are, what they are about, and how they are redefining how patients utilize pharmacy services?

Here are five things you might not know about Mint Hill Pharmacy.

They Serve All Age Groups

Mint Hill Pharmacy is a small business that not only is run by a family but also serves multiple generations of patients. “We have many multi-generational families that come to the pharmacy. We so enjoy getting to know these families and meeting the unique needs of each generation.” owner Jeanette Thornton shares. Anybody that comes into Mint Hill Pharmacy can count on having a great experience. They are greeted by name and will receive any help they might need, from the pharmacists and professional staff that work in the store.

They Are a Big Proponent of Outreach

During multiple points in the year, Mint Hill Pharmacy hosts opportunities for community members to give back. Last Christmas they collected supplies for Bright Blessings. They are currently receiving school supply donations to give Back to School Backpacks to kids who need them. “We’re going to be picking our Christmas donation opportunity soon,” Jeanette reveals. “We want to do fundraisers every year. My hope is that Mint Hill Pharmacy will be the place people come to when they’re looking for a way to get involved.”

They Are Breaking New Ground in Compounding for Mint Hill

Dr. Phillip begins the compounding process in his lab.

Have you or someone in your family ever been prescribed a medicine that was difficult to take? Maybe you’re allergic to dyes or glutens in the medicine. Maybe your child isn’t able to swallow pills yet. Maybe your loved one keeps pocketing the pills and not taking meds. Mint Hill Pharmacy can use compounding to solve all of those issues. Compounding is basically defined as changing the composition of your medication to find solutions and make medicine easier to take. “[Dr.] Phillip [Thornton] can make a suspension to replace a pill. He can turn your parent’s medicine into a dissolvable tablet that doesn’t need to be swallowed. He can make it dye-free and/or gluten-free.” Jeanette explains. And it doesn’t stop there! Mint Hill Pharmacy can take care of your fur babies, too! “Oh, absolutely!” Jeanette smiles, “We can compound your dog’s medicine into a flavored, chewable treat. We can compound your cat’s medicine into a gel you put onto the vascular part of their ear so that they can get the medicine into their system. You won’t have to fight with your pet. We can help make the process painless for you both.”

They Consistently Offer Specialty Packaging and Programs

Pharmacy intern, Mariam Salib, begins to ration out a patient’s pill order into the monthly Dispill container.

Mint Hill Pharmacy provides many ways to help make your health a simple priority. They provide immunizations and travel vaccinations. Patients can receive Diabetic Education about the disease and how diet and medication can improve their disease. Mint Hill Pharmacy offers Dispill packaging so that you never have to fill a pill box again and is designed to keep patients independent. They work closely with your doctor to ensure your optimal treatment. They also provide compression sock and hosiery fittings, splint fittings, and give advice on nutritional and natural supplements. “Our heart is for our patients. When a doctor gives you a diagnosis and prints out sheets of paper with follow up information, the wealth of provided information can become confusing. The pharmacists and friendly staff at Mint Hill Pharmacy can review with you what the diagnosis, treatment, and lab reports mean and work with you to discover which option is best for you.”

They Are Passionate Advocates for Overall Health & Wellness

Mint Hill Pharmacy is the perfect place to find a partner in your health and wellness.

“That’s what we want to be: a partner.” Jeanette leans forward and discloses. “We want to partner with the physician and partner with the patient. We want to provide a bridge to fill the gap between the doctor’s office and the home.” Often a pharmacist can address an issue and save you a costly trip to the doctor. Mint Hill Pharmacy wants you to use them as the healthcare provider that they are. “Patients can ask us questions they may have regarding medicines and health. Mint Hill community members can be confident – we can answer those questions and help to come up with a solution for your healthcare needs.”

Part of advocating for patient health is being a part of the Functional Medicine movement. “That means we are looking at the big picture – the patient as a whole person with his or her own unique medical needs. Your healthcare needs can feel confusing and almost, in a way, too big. We want to help you. We don’t want it to feel like you are just checking boxes.” At Mint Hill Pharmacy, you’re not just filling a prescription. The staff can let you know how to deal with any side effects and give you follow-up solutions for possible issues. “We can answer so many questions. We can identify nutritional deficiencies and let you know where you might have depletions. We can let you know how to add things back into your diet. We educate and provide solutions for our patients.” Jeanette continues.

“We are providing individualized health care to our patients. We want you to be an advocate for your own health. Our biggest hope is to give each patient the tools that you need to take control of your health.” Jeanette asserts. “If you know the words to say and what you need, it will enhance communication between you and your doctor. We want you to feel educated and empowered to make your own health decisions. And we will be there with you every step of the way on your medical journey.”

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