First Annual Spring Tea and Brunch Held in Mint Hill

Special Guest Speaker Toni Bendickson. (Ed Berti)
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One of the beautiful table decorations on display. (Ed Berti)
Colorful table decoration. (Ed Berti)
Paige McKinney addressing the ladies. (Ed Berti)
A fancy raffle gift. (Ed Berti)
A raffle gift. (Ed Berti)
Two dapper dudes Mike and Tony who would serve the ladies tea and brunch. (Ed Berti)
Two great hats. (Ed Berti)
Joy Greear and some of the Novant Health team ladies. (Ed Berti)
Two ladies enjoying the event. (Ed Berti)
Ladies showing photos from their youth. (Ed Berti)
The Servant’s Heart Table. (Ed Berti)
Sponsor Atrium Health and Paige McKinney, Executive Director, MHCC. (Ed Berti)
Kim Rhodarmer and friends. (Ed Berti)
Jennifer Shaw and Anna Granger. (Ed Berti)
Mike Cochrane his mom and a guest. (Ed Berti)
A young lady volunteer server. (Ed Berti)
Some more creative hats. (Ed Berti)
Handsome young fellow serving a table. (Ed Berti)
Winner of Mint Hill Times gift certificate from Massage Sanctuary. (Ed Berti)
More colorful table decorations. (Ed Berti)

The Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce celebrated the First Annual Spring Tea and Brunch this past Saturday held at Arlington Baptist Church Family Life Center located at 9801 Arlington Church Road, Mint Hill. The sponsor of the event was Atrium Health.

The event was a showcase of decorated tables, a silent auction, raffle opportunities were held and the special guest speaker was Tonia Bendickson. This event was a fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce which is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization who represents and promotes the business community of Mint Hill. This event was certainly an excellent networking opportunity to build vital business and social connections.

The ladies of Mint Hill showed up dressed for a Spring Tea with their fancy dresses and beautiful colorful hats of various sizes and colors. In fact some of the bonnets were very creative. The table displays were beautifully crafted and the approximately 140 ladies in the room seemed to have a great time socializing, enjoying the food and entire atmosphere which was certainly festive. There was a buzz in the air, and believe all who attended enjoyed the fun-filled event.

This was a different kind of fundraising event, which previously have mostly been golf outings, while this particular social event was focused on the ladies of Mint Hill. In fact, it felt like we were at the Kentucky Derby, the way the ladies were all dressed for the occasion.

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